Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Sex In "Heart Of Men"....

Two nights ago, after hours of working on laptops, my brother and I decided to rest our tired bodies by watching a movie. Our film of choice was the much talked about Heart of Men and I must confess that, due to all the talk about it being soft porn, I was really anxious to see the movie and, draw my own conclusions.

So, we started the movie and, boy Oh boy…. We couldn’t take our eyes off till we finished watching both parts (1&2). What a movie! Could you believe that several minutes after seeing the crack and some part of Majid Michel’s butt, my brother had to tell me to shut my mouth which was gaping in amazement? Yes oo….

But on a serious note, the Venus Movie Production which was directed by Frank Rajah Arase proved that Ghanaian movies have finally found “it”. Hasn’t it been a while since one could actually watch a movie and be unsure of its ending?

Yet, there were a few things that didn’t match up in my opinion. Like, wouldn’t it have been a thrill if John Dumelo’s character had appeared at the latter part of the movie instead of immediately after he was shot? That would have been brought in an intelligent element of surprise.

And why did Nadia Buari’s character tell that of John Dumelo that Majid Michel’s character was at Accra-Ghana when, the former characters were only at the Northern Region and not another country?

One question that I can’t seem to answer is this: Since we all watch Western movies which have more steamy scenes than this movie, why are people complaining and calling the actors and actresses porn stars? No one has called Sharon Stone a porn star for Basic Instinct, or Halle Berry a slut for that steamy scene with Billy Bob Thornton in Monster’s Ball.

Come on! even Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas weren’t called porn stars for their sex scene in Original Sin. These are movies that most people have probably seen several times.

Let us stop the hypocrisy and face the truth, Ghanaians like to see some “skin”. Why do you think business is booming for newspaper vendors who sell sex-related papers like Funtime, Ebony, among many others? Don’t you see the pictures on the papers? It’s either a topless lady with huge “bazookas” or a lady with nothing on at all. Why aren’t people talking about that? Think about it…

Nevertheless, there are real problems concerning the sex scenes in African movies. Unlike the foreign movies that have stunt actors/actresses and body doubles to play roles that the real actors/actresses find distasteful or too erotic as well as the ability to manipulate the camera in creating elements of deception, Ghana hasn’t gotten to that level in the film making industry. This leaves the actors with no choice than to act out all the scenes themselves.

In my opinion, sex scenes without so little clothing can still make an interesting movie. And we must remember that despite the hunger for international recognition, our movies industry will only grow when our citizens support it too. And we do hold onto our cultural values to some extent.

I conclude this post by saying that, despite a few flaws in the movie, the cast and crew especially, those in charge of editing, continuity e.t.c, must be applauded for their efforts.

Please, feel free to give your comments on this issue.

Friday, November 6, 2009

THE "F" WORD......

So here's the deal... a friend showed me this video on youtube and, I just had to share..........

Its un"fucking"believable...... Enjoy!!!!

Interesting isn't it. Hope you guys and gals have a lovely weekend.............

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Making It Happen!!!!!

She was sitting on the pavement floor.
3 months pregnant; baby’s daddy unknown
Had to drop out of JSS
Cus she couldn’t take the scorn
How could they have known?
Gang rape at a leavers jam, an unlikely probability
But she still braces herself with tear filled eyes and says……

I will not give up
I am gonna fight
And fulfil my purpose in life..

It’s the end of the month
Rent is due
All he has is an empty bank account and a week’s eviction notice
Lost his job
Accused of a crime he didn’t commit
Now peers are telling him to steal and sell drugs
In the midst of his confusion
He closes his eyes, clasps his hands in prayer and says…….

I will not bend or be broken
I will make things happen the right way

In this life
No matter what you go through
Never ever give up
Or do things through the back door
Cus the moment you do
You lose everything
You can make it happen

There is a word for that- Determination!!

               (Source: easyart)

Even this kitten has it..........

So, make it happen through Determination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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