Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Question Of Love

This is something I wrote on a not-so-great day.Yep.. my heart got broken. Hope you like it though..

I sometimes ask myself
Questions I never answer
But this has been consistent
In being real insistent
Why do I give my love
When it won't be given back

Is he just a dream
I'm hoping will come true?
Or is it the look he gives
That sends my pulse racing?

His pics are everywhere
The smiles still damn enchanting
I try to comprehend
Why the hell didn't we just happen!

I guess my mom was right
The truth indeed is bitter
But love not reciprocated
Begins a tragic moment

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Facebook Status That Freaks Me Out: In An Open Relationship...


That was my first reaction when I visited my ex-boyfriend's (who i was dating at the time I checked) facebook page... What exactly did he mean by that?

I know some of you are thinking: he was probably messing around or having some fun.... But WTF was he thinking when he put that there, knowing that I would definitely see it? Or, wouldn't you freak out if you thought your relationship was a "closed" one, only to have someone tell you that they never knew you were into open relationships?

What's the point in having a relationship if its going to be an open one? Obviously, the individuals involved are in my opinion, selfish people who just want to benefit from others in whatever way possible.

I personally dont think there is anything great in a relationship if you both can agree to date everyone else. For crying out loud, does it mean you can have an open relationship with 30 people at once?

That just ain't healthy....

Or, what do you say? Lemme know...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Promise Rings: Are They Necessary?

So, I was listening to a track titled "Promise Ring" by Tiffany Evans and Ciara when this question popped into mind. What exactly do promise rings signify? Are they some kind of pre-engagement ring or what?

Back when i was in JSS and SSS, I would see my girl friends or mates wearing what they claimed to be promise rings.. I was fascinated by the whole concept at the time but, when my first boyfriend gave me one after two months of dating, I was so pissed..... How can you promise to marry me after two months?

Some may think I'm crazy but I'm just a realist.... These things only happen in movies.. And in my opinion, If a guy wants to make a promise to spend the rest of his life with a girl, he should get her an engagement ring straight away. That shows his level of seriousness....

I've said my piece... Now lemme know yours...

Monday, January 25, 2010


The tables are cluttered
As the papers get scattered
The UPS beeps
As the text tones follow
Photocopier is faulty
And the damn PC freezes!
I run, I walk
As briskly as I can
I type so fast that
Even Mavis Beacon would be proud
Finally, the deadlines are met
I get home, take a cool drink and sigh....
As I recline in my sofa..
Hey, I deserve it...
For its been one helluva day...

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Wow!!! Its good to be back. Never thought I would miss the virtual world this badly..... Hmmm......... Maybe I should start by wishing everybody a Happy New Year and hoping that the year is filled with Happiness, Success, Peace and Love...............Hmmmmm...

Talking about Love. I would be very glad if someone can answer these questions for me: Why do some guys chase a girl for months, get her to accept your proposal and then later start acting like the girl did all the chasing? Why can't some guys just be bold to tell a gal that he's just not that into her anymore, instead of giving unnecessary excuses and refusing to let go of her when she decides to split??

I leave you with one of my favorite Lauryn Hill tracks........ Enjoy.......


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