Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beauty Pageants: Constructive or Destructive?

Every year, different beauty pageants are promoted in the country to crown young ladies as well as open many doors that would lead to advancement, be it educational, financial and in most cases, social. Pageants such as Miss Malaika, Miss Ghana and Ghana's Most Beautiful, among several others have even become fixtures on the social calendar since their inception.

These pageants have not only become a form of entertainment, but also a topic for debate in many forums.

The first time I watched a beauty pageant was in 1994 and, as I watched the different ladies from the different regions in Ghana during the talent part, the first noticeable thing was that these ladies were helping the tourism industry by promoting the culture of the various regions that they represented. Looking at pageants from this angle paints a positive picture since promoting tourism brings in more visitors which also acts as a boost for the economy.

The prize package for winners often include scholarships, laptops, wardrobes for 1 year and a spot in an international beauty pageant that has a linkage to that particular pageant. Winners are also given the responsibility of picking issues that affect society and finding ways of improving upon the subject of concern.

Pageants may also help in boosting the confidence of the ladies since they do go through intense interview sessions during these pageants.

However, is the price that these ladies have to pay to become beauty queens worth it? The first question I keep asking is why these ladies have to wear swimsuits on stage. Some may say that it boosts their self confidence since it takes a lot of courage to model one's self half naked to a crowd of about 1000 people. But honestly, doesn't that rather put pressure on these ladies to have a certain body type or weight which may not suitable for them?

I remember watching the Miss Ghana beauty pageant auditions about a year or two years ago and gasping in shock as one of the judges told an already slim girl that she needed to lose some more weight. My God! Do we want anorexics as beauty queens or what?

These ladies who want to be queens of beauty would only resort to bad eating habits which, in the long term could have devastating medical effects on them.

Now that doesn't imply that all contestants have eating disorders. You must agree that some of these ladies push themselves to the edge in order to achieve the kind of results required by these pageants.

Don't these pageants look at pretty faces? Why did Kate Menson of Face of Africa have to lose weight in order to win.

I think its time Africans stop following the people of the Western world blindly. Pageants that promote education, tourism and the development of self esteem are highly lauded. However, organisers of pageants that force women to kill themselves slowly just to be in the spotlight should restructure their requirements. After all, even the slim ones couldn't tell us what Euthanasia was.

I end here.

Friday, August 21, 2009


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Hello folks,

Its the start of the weekend and i hope you are all as excited as i am. The last time, i gave you my experiences on the troski on my way to work. Little did i now that i would have a sequel to that story.
Yesterday as i boarded the trotro, i looked around as i asked myself:"what should i talk about today?" In less than two minutes, the trotro mate did something that i felt was worth mentioning here.

Have you ever heard of a mate getting drunk at as early 6am? Yes, that early.................................

As i sat in the trotro (as he shouted "Haatso, Madina" )wondering why this mate was reeking of alcohol, i heard someone hail the trotro.

The mate ignored him and asked the driver to continue. At this point, i became confused. Wasn't this mate prepared to make money? The prospective passenger who was offended asked him in Akan "Mate e dien life no no?".
The mate, who was offended by that question refused to let the gentleman board the vehicle. Instead he stood at the point of entry and said in a gruff voice "car na ye ma" which means that there was no available seat. But the funny part was that there were only two people in the vehicle, myself included.

The lady beside me burst into laughter as i tried so hard not to laugh.

Now, the driver who had been quiet all his while got angry and asked the mate to quit the nonsense as the passengers were the main reason why they were on the road. What happened next was something i have never seen in all my years of being a trotro passenger; the mate got angry and asked the driver to take his place. What made it funny was what he said a few minutes later.

"Massa, eye edwuma na yee ye. Enye sa anka wo ti pein ne me anaa?" I am sure you know what happened next. Yours truly, the driver as well as the other passengers had a good laugh at the mate's expense. He only ended up looking foolish in the trotro.

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed today's tale. Enjoy the weekend but don't overchill. Till Monday its ............................


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Have you ever wondered why trotro mates are always quarreling with passengers? Well, I'm sure most of you would say its about the transport fare. This brings me to the topic for today.

This morning, as i was heading to the office i couldn't help but enjoy the nasty exchange between the trotro driver and a passenger sitting next to him. What i couldn't believe was that the reason for the exchange was five pesewas (old 500 cedis). This usually happens when the prices of fuel keep changing but on this day, these prices were supposed to have stabilised.

As if that was not enough drama, the gentleman sitting beside me suddenly felt there was the need for him to switch on his radio. "Don't these people know about earphones?" was the first question i asked myself.

Just when i thought things would get worse, something very interesting happened; a lady who was in a giving mood, gave us a full dose of the crack of her buttocks as she was alighting from the trotro. That was when i burst into uncontrollable laughter and guess what? the other passengers as if on cue also started laughing.

On a serious note however, women must be very careful when dressing and should not follow the trends of the west blindly by revealing their private parts in the full glare of the public. They only degrade womanhood by doing so.

And that's where i leave you. I hope you visit next time for more interesting stuff.


Be whatever you wanna be!

Hey fellas,
I was doing some research when i came across this poem which i felt, would help when times are hard and you feel all hope is lost. Enjoy.

There is inside you all of the potential to be whatever you want to be, all of the energy to do whatever you want to do.
Imagine yourself as you would like to be, doing what you want to do, and each day, take one step towards your dream.
And though at times it may seem too difficult to continue, hold on to your dream.
One morning you will awake to find that you are the person you dreamed of, doing what you wanted to do, simply because you had the courage to believe in your potential and to hold on to your dream.

~ Donna Levine ~


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