Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Gutters Are WCs At Dawn.

It is one thing to see people pouring urine and the other stuff in gutters at dawn, but when you see grown ups who should know better actually squatting and s****ing in the gutter.... SMH.

This morning as my Dad and I went for our usual jog/brisk walk, we couldn't help but comment on the pungent smell emanating from the gutter as we jogged along the street. It was a combination of remnants of the previous day's washed dishes and food particles from food vendors and, the usual human waste.

Now, my Dad always carries a flashlight during our dawn sessions since we usually have to walk on a rough path at some points and the street lights aren't in abundance. This is his way of ensuring that he does not trip over stray dogs, stones etc. Anyway, back to the main story. Yes, so my Dad and I were heading back home when we heard some unusual movement. Of course, my Dad turns on his flashlight and that's when we see this squatting and doing his own thing in the gutter.

To say I was surprised would be putting it lightly. Seriously, that street was a very busy one, even at 4:30am. The guy wasn't even bothered that we had seen him. he just went ahead and did his thing. At that point I was wishing that some creature would just bite him in the a$$! Will this same guy be surprised if after eating at the chop bar that was directly opposite the gutter, he had a serious bout of gastroenteritis? 

God help us!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chemical Shop Attendant Don Turn Doctor?

Na waa ooo... As I sat in my office trying to ignore the budding pain in my throat it occurred to me that this symptom could mean the onset of a nasty cold, which yours truly did not intend to go through. So, I quickly checked my first aid drawer only to realize that I did not have any Amoxicillin or Vitamin C. Arrrrgh! Now, being the cautious one I decide to send Doctor Daddy a message telling him my problem. He quickly responded with instructions. Get Amoxicillin and Vitamin C from the nearest pharmacy and take so so and so capsules.

If only I knew that my trip to the drug store was going to turn into an interview, I would have worn my shoes. Lol! This was the exchange at the shop.

Me: Good afternoon
Attendant (Male): Good afternoon
Me: Please do you have Amoxicillin?
Attendant (Male): How many mg do you want?
Me: 500mg
So, the guy goes to the shelf and returns with the box of 28 capsules and says GH¢7. My dear friends, I needed only a strip since there are boxes upon boxes of the drug at home. I tell him, "Please I need just 10 capsules".

Attendant: You can't take only ten capsules. It is an antibiotic.
Me: I know that, but I have some of the drugs at home.
Attendant: Why did you leave it at home then.
Me (getting irritated): The symptoms only started this afternoon and I was given instructions.
Attendant: What symptoms?
Me (visibly pissed): Are you a doctor? What's with the interview? If you aren't going to sell me the drug tell me.
Attendant: I'm just telling you what I know
Me: And I told you what a doctor knows so tell me, are you a doctor?
Attendant: No
Me: Then please stop wasting my time and energy and give me the bloody pills!

He then gets me the strip after which I pay him. Guess what? His Maths was rusty that he almost didn't give me my change of GH¢ 1.20. What's with this? SMH.

I get the insistence that I get the full course, but I would think that with my explanation he would let it go. I wasn't buying Lasix or Atenolol for crying out loud. It was an antibiotic!

I repeat, na waa ooo.


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