Thursday, May 27, 2010


I never thought that

I would feel this different

And I never thought your touch

Would make my senses different

As I try to fathom out what this feelings mean

I hear your voice whisper gently in my ears

“Baby this time things would be different”

Is that why my temperature seems to rise

When your warm hand caresses my cheek?

Or when you tell me my kind

Is an endangered species that must be handled with care?

Or when you hold me carefully

Like a precious commodity not found

In any marketplace?

(Sigh) the tears well up in my eyes now

As you look at me with tender yet surprised eyes

Failing to realize that you blow my mind each second

With the one feeling no one has ever shown me

To a magnitude such as this.

So my conclusion only makes sense.

Now I’m not afraid to let go

And experience this thing we call love

One more time………

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Green Tea: Why I Can't Put My Mug Down.......

The first time I heard someone talk about Green Tea, I remember saying to myself "Why would I want to drink such a thing when I already have trouble drinking black tea?" Then, I heard Oprah recommending that we drink at least 2 cups of Green Tea daily. That's when yours truly decided to give it a try and... My Oh My.... after drinking my first cup, I realised that something was different... I started urinating more frequently and..... I lost a kilo in just two days..

So, I decided to do my own research on the benefits of drinking Green Tea and you wouldn't Believe what I found out.....

Apparently, Green Tea has antioxidants that:
  • help prevent cancer
  • Lowers "bad" cholesterol (known as LDL) and improves the ratio of "good" cholesterol (known as HDL).
  • Stops the unnatural formation of blood clots that cause thrombosis (which is one of the major causes of strokes and heart attacks).
  • Reduces high blood pressure by preventing action of  agents that cause constriction of the blood vessels causing high blood pressure.
  • Lowers blood sugar which helps prevent and relieve TYPE-11 diabetes.
  • Protects liver against toxins like alcohol and chemicals in cigarette smoke.
  • Promotes oral health by suppressing the process of plaque formation and destroying the bacteria that forms plaque. It also destroys bacteria that causes bad breath, so if you don't want people moving away when you open your mouth, you know what to do...
  • Destroy free radicals that cause aging.
  • Possess antibacterial and antiviral properties. Recent studies show that green tea inhibits the spread of disease, speeds up recovery from cold and flu and, it also kills seven strains of food poisoning bacteria including clostridium, botulus and staphylococcus (which makes it a good treatment for diarrhoea).
  • Helps your body to maintain healthy fluid balance and relieve fatigue and stress often caused by dehydration. ( That explains my frequent urination when I first drank it).
  • Blocks main receptors that produce allergic reactions.
  • Stimulates metabolism, calorie burning process and is wildly being used as an important part of a healthy diet.
So you see, with all these benefits, why would I want to settle for anything else.... There are various brands on the market with different flavors but i prefer the Lipton Green Tea in the Jasmine and Citrus variants...(which can be found at Shoprite).

Oprah recommended it, the Chinese recommended it... Now I'm recommending it.... Please try it and tell me what you think.....

Gotta go pour myself a hot mug of green tea....


    Saturday, May 15, 2010

    Confession Of Love…..

    Sitting in a dark room
    Thinking of lines to express
    Feelings that I can’t repress
    I close my eyes and sigh
    As thoughts of you give me an unexplained high

    Since the day we met
    The calls and txts, though infrequent
    Made my heart stop every time
    Your name appeared as Caller ID
    We would talk for hours and hours
    With me smiling and blushing on the other end

    That’s when I knew
    That it was you and you alone
    Cos what we have is uniquely sweet
    And pleasantly unrefined
    Yeah yeah yeah.... I confess
    Listening to that Luther CD
    Made me realize.....

    One thing that I can’t deny
    Is that my red heart goes blue
    Like the cold ocean
    When I’m not with you
    See baby... its true
    I’m so in love with you


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