Friday, December 18, 2009

My Plea This Christmas: No Road Hogs!!!

As people travel to their villages and hometowns to celebrate this Christmas. It is my prayer that the Lord touches the hearts of drivers like this, so that they think about the number of lives they endanger.

Please don't be in such a hurry. What's the use of rushing when in the end, you never reach your destination.

May the Lord guide us all and give us an accident-free Christmas...

All those with me should say a silent Amen when they read this short prayer....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Officially Stuck!!

With red-rimmed eyes, I awoke today

With you still on my mind

I've tried but just can't find a way

To leave the past behind

I still miss you

And how I used to tease you

I hug my pillow tight,

When there's no one in sight

I spy my phone

Hoping you'll make that call

Or show up at my door


But sadly, you never do

So why do I dream of you?

They say its pathetic,

I swear I'm fine!

So when I call another,

By your very name

I see my failure,

In this love battle

Baby, its official,

I'm stuck on you....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Forbidden Desire....

It’s a cold harmattan night,

With no stars in sight

We lie in each other’s arms,

Content with life’s charms

I sigh with desire

As the scent of his perfume

Caresses my nostrils

My body shivers at his touch

As his hands find my sensual spots

His kisses create muscular spasms

My back arcs with yearning,

As natural forces propel me

My mind tells me no

But my body screams yes, yes and yes

Is this the right time? I ask

For I have known no man.

One part of me pleads yea, yea!

And the other screams, Hell No!

But then, I have more time to decide

For the rudely interrupting phone call,

Was my saviour in disguise.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Dry Christmas?

It is common knowledge that Ghanaians love to spend money during the yuletide. Newly painted houses, sewing houses with lights still on after 8pm (in order to meet deadlines imposed by last minute clients), and the busy streets and shopping centres have been proof over the years.

So my question is : What the hell is going on this year? Have you noticed how the big shops in town never seem to have traffic? And its like most children may have to wear last year's clothes and shoes since the children's stores don't seem to be making sales.

You hardly hear the radio stations playing Christmas carols like the they did in the past years. And most employees have doubts about receiving any bonuses this year.

I guess "chao" people won't be "flexing" with lavish parties this year...

Hmm... I sincerely hope we all have a Merry and not a Dreary Christmas..

Monday, December 14, 2009

Thanks “sleeping” Service!!

So, yesterday we had our annual Thanksgiving service at Church. This gave us the opportunity to thank God for all the things he has done and continues to do in a special way. It was a lengthy service and as it ran into its third hour I began to hear my stomach grumbling with hunger (Why didn’t I take breakfast?).

And that was when I noticed him. Guys, could you believe that a man seated two chairs from me had been sleeping since the service started? He only woke up to give his offertory. Wow!!

As I caught a glimpse of him enjoying his trip to dreamland whilst the pastor was preaching the sermon for the day I asked myself this question.
Is this a Thanksgiving Service or a ThanksSleeping Service?

Then again, the spirit might be willing but I must say that in his case, the flesh is sooo..... definitely weak.....

Friday, December 11, 2009


I promised to continue this list from  where I left off in Things that get me pissed... Hopefully you will find more things to relate to:
Here we go again:

  1. DJs who keep talking when the song is playing.

  2. HP 3-in-1 printers; They take forever to respond to a print command.

  3. People who doze on your shoulder on the bus (Is my shoulder a pillow?)

  4. Salon attendants who tell you the wig you bought can't be used for the style of your choice just because they can't do the job.

  5. CDs that skip after playing them twice.

  6. The empty pay points at GAME and SHOPRITE; Remove the damn things if no one is gonna be there to serve customers.

  7. TV stations that repeat telenovelas shown by their competitors; Copycats!

  8. Dispensing chemists who glare accusingly at people who buy condoms ( why sell them then?)

  9. Squatters who decide to build pit latrines right opposite your home.

  10. People who feel they are too important to join queues and wait for their turn.

  11. People who call your phone and ask "who is speaking?". Ewurade!!

  12. Answering machines.

  13. People who waste time at ATMs especially when there ar long queues.

  14. Las Palmas Int. Restaurant/Chop Bar. I don't know why the owner has decided to always put up branches in crowded places, and their dustbins are always in front of the building. Oh! and their architect is just full of @$@^#.

  15. When people take your phone and change all the settings without telling you.

  16. Celebrities who feel its important to give dosages of LAFA (Locally Acquired Foreign Accent) on TV and radio and end up messing things up (Is it by force?).

 Please feel free to add things that piss you off to this list. After all, thats what we do; share our experiences..
 Have a great day y'all!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zain; My Not-So-Wonderful World!!

It started as a wonderful world but these days my once favorite telecommunications provider is beginning to test my patience... Wanna know why?

Here it goes...

Last week, this internet loving blogger purchased GHC 30 worth of Zain credits to recharge and continue a rudely interrupted chat session with an old friend. And you can't imagine how many credit vending posts I had to visit just to buy six GHC 5 Zain cards; they all had one and two cedi cards...

So you can understand my utter annoyance when after several attempts to re-subscribe, the page just wouldn't come up.

"What the #%$^$^@ is going on?" I asked myself so loudly that my brother entered my room with a worried look only to laugh when he realised that it was because of the "Zain People".

I'm sure you're wondering why I didn't just pick up the phone and call customer service.. Then again, you might be aware that it takes forever to get a customer service person online...

Anyways, I finally called and had to hold on for 10 minutes before a lady spoke on the other end.. So after giving her my modem number and details of the subscription package i was interested in, the voice on the other end asked:

CSP: Is there anything else I can do for you to have a wonderful world?

Me: (Pause..... thinking.........ask) What is wrong with the subscription page? I tried several times to subscribe but couldn't.

CSP: We are not using that now so you have to call us anytime you need to re-subscribe...


I have to call 111 anytime I need to re-subscribe and follow all those voice prompts, hold on for 10-15 minutes before getting served?

Can someone find a way to explain how that is a wonderful world?

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Birthday "Senpay".......

I woke up this morning very upset due to a long night of total darkness and heat. After my usual morning exercise, I showered and had to wait for twenty minutes before getting a vehicle to work...

As I sat at my desk chewing my bread lazily and sipping my coffee, I thought about the work ahead and frowned at what the Electricity Company of Ghana had done to me; I would have done most of the work at home if my laptop's battery hadn't completely discharged due to hours of work when the power was out.

As I sat and worked in silence, one of my bosses came in and announced that today was his birthday.... Good news!! As the well wishes began, he asked one of the drivers to go round and take drink orders from the staff so that we could have a little drink party...

So, this driver goes round with his list and takes everyone's order, after which the list was brought to the boss. As the orders were reviewed, my boss comes across an incomprehensible word "Senpay". So he calls the driver and I happened to overhear their conversation......

Boss: What is this word?
Driver: Senpay
Boss: You mean Champagne?
Driver: Yes.....

My God! I just let go and burst into uncontrollable laughter as my colleagues looked at the driver with grins on their faces.... Trust the Ghanaian illiterate to spell a word the way he/she hears it being pronounced... Couldn't he have asked the person who made that request to spell the word for him?

What a day! After such a good laugh, there is no way the rest of my day can be boring.

So, I'm off to do some serious work...

Have a great day........

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Waste Management In Ghana... Only 30% Managed?


Now the first question I asked myself when I saw this article Ghana manages only 30 percent of her waste was- "What are the institutional bodies in charge of managing environmental issues doing about this?"

Then i remembered, these bodies have not been able to keep pace with the rapid accumulation of waste. They also concentrate more on disposal of waste rather than on management practices such as recycling. Also, some individuals who are unable to pay the fees charged by these companies but, on the other hand need to keep their homes clean and free of waste at all costs, resort to dumping their waste in inappropriate places. Others whose areas are not covered by these waste management companies also end up disposing their waste in like manner.

This has resulted in waste being found in gutters, drains, water bodies and on the streets and undeveloped pieces of land around the country. As one report by the Environmental Protection Agency stated, “municipal solid waste has been disposed of anywhere, anyhow, without regard to the nuisance and harm caused to the environment. All kinds of waste, regardless of their nature are being dumped indiscriminately into depressions, sand pits, old quarries, beaches, drains, and even in certain areas, along streets”. Pedestrians as well as motorists throw empty or sometimes, half-filled pure water sachets as well as food wrappers on the streets as they move about performing their daily activities. These are done with excuses such as, the unavailability of waste bins at those particular areas.

And with the case of sewage waste disposal, many people have resorted to easing themselves in open places as well as in black polythene bags and dumping them everywhere, often in gutters which end up getting choked. These gutters often leave a disgusting sight with its accompanying stench.

The accompanying consequences of such actions are more than obvious. Incidence of contagious diseases like Cholera and Tuberculosis have a field day preying on the lives of innocent people who probably played no role in degrading the environment. Not to mention, the environmental challenges- drains are choked, streets are heaped with refuse and emit unpleasant odour. In addition, the chocked drainage system has resulted, time and again, in flooding due to the inability of rain water to run its was long drains and smaller water bodies.

In the end however, it is up to us to, in our own small way, find ways to manage the waste we produce by ourselves...

Burn what can be burnt
Bury stuff that are organic so as to provide manure
Sort out plastics so that they are sent to their producers for recycling...

Now, is that so hard to do??


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