Monday, August 30, 2010

Dating A Friend Of The Ex.........

I happened to be having an interesting conversation via phone with the ex (who is still a very good friend) when a female friend's name comes up. So, as he asks questions about what my friend has been up to, I ask him why he is interested in the details and that was when he said: Afua, I would never date your friends. I just can't do it.

Why?, I asked. He just said, I can't do it. Now, it got me thinking....... If we are no longer in a relationship and, he happens to like my friend and that feeling is reciprocated by her, what would be stopping them from hooking up? Me? Would that be fair?

To put it plainly, I don't know how I would handle such a situation cus, repressed feelings and erased feelings are two different things and I honestly don't know where the ex stands as far as those two categories of "feelings are concerned".

Would love to know your thoughts? How would you react? Are you for or against the whole idea?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Still Missing You……….

I woke up this morning

With you on my mind

Remembering your smile

And your dark and smooth skin

Those strong arms

That made me feel warm and safe

And sure that harm can’t stand a chance


Your voice always had me

Yes, my heart really did skip a beat

And my knees always went weak, literally.

I was reminiscing about all those times

The good, when you made me laugh

And stroked my hair

The bad, when you listened to my problems

And offered soothing words to calm my nerves


I remember how you would look deeply

Into my eyes anytime they met mine

Oh! This is torture.

I have to stop this now

But I can’t stop thinking about you

I thought I was over you

But now, I’m missing you more and more

As the seconds go by.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Sex, Lies and Not-So-Great Lamptey-Mills

Okay, so I was listening to the interview with the alleged victim of the Lamptey-Mills rape saga this morning on Joy FM and heard the girl say that she agreed to have sex with proprietor of Great Lamptey-Mills Schools.

“He did not defile me, I gave myself to him because I want to. I dated him, he said he wanted sex and I accepted it, he did not force me…so I don’t know what is going on.” she said when told that her case was one of defilement and not rape.

After hearing that, I was dumbfounded. Forget about the law for a moment and think about this. Dating her proprietor who by the way is married? Obviously the girl is much more stupid than I thought. Does Ghana Education Service permit students to date their teachers and the proprietors of their schools?

I was just discussing the issue with colleagues at the office and someone just asked “Why hasn’t that rat being stripped of the honor he was given at the last national awards ceremony?”.  Hmmm……. naa political issue ooo…

Seeing the man on TV in those music clips have always irritated me. Maybe its because I felt that the children were paying more time to entertainment instead of their books. Now, with this issue I realize that my instincts were right. I won’t be surprised if other students accuse him of rape. Perhaps he has fun with the female students during rehearsals or better yet, its more like a give and take affair; Have sex with me and I’ll let you perform in the music video that we will be airing on advertising cycle.

Personally, I think parents should withdraw their wards from that school. I know some of you think I’m being rash but think about it. First there was this music teacher who defiled a student in the toilet, now this. Like proprietor, like teacher.

What are your views on this issue? Should he be sent to prison? Should we be concerned about a girl who seems proud of her immoral acts?

Go to Joy FM for more details on the story…….

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wow! A Year Already?

A year ago today, after countless lectures on blogging from friends, who believed that I had a lot of good stuff to share, I created Soliloquies of a Diva  - A blog revolving around my crazy thoughts, emotions and passions.

I remember asking my friends: “who would read my posts?”. The answer is as clear as day. I would never have dreamed of making new and wonderful friends on the blogosphere. You guys rock!

I send my sincerest thanks to each and every reader who takes time out their crazily-busy but real lives to pay a visit and share their views on every thing I write. I promise to keep posting stuff regularly.

Yay! My blog is a year old……….. Gotta go celebrate.


Signed: The Ecstatic Diva

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


As I sit in a cold air-conditioned office

My mind cries in agony

At the realization of what the day will be

Till 5pm when I can flee


A dull day isn’t my thing

Being eclectic is in my nature

And hearing my phone ring every 3 minutes

Forms a major part of my day

Today , however is different

Silence takes charge

And as I hear the ticks and tocks on the clock

I’m near the point of losing my mind


I resort to daydreaming

But that doesn’t seem to be working

Wondering what to do

I look at my screen and find myself

In a land called Blogosphere

Finally, my face is brightly-lit

Cos Mr. Happy arrives

As I soliloquize.

Monday, August 16, 2010

4 and 20 Hours Loving…….

Am I living in a dream world

Or is this the real realm?

Just an innocent touch from you

Lights my fire

And your  friendly kisses take me higher

You make me smile with happiness

Even when  I feel the opposite


You helped me to discover me

When others just couldn’t see

The kind of potential within me

I guess it was their jealousy

Of the extent of my versatility

That fuelled their need to drive me crazy


But it doesn’t matter now

For as I walk out my front door

My feet lead me to your patio

And since time waits for no man

I’m here tell you this

My heart beats for you

Every 4 and 20 hours

And 7 days per week.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Someone Please Take Off My High Heels....

Christ! Is this the price I have to pay to look very fashionable, professional and appealing to clients? Aaah! My feet are hurting like crazy. Silly me decided to wear my Nine West high heel shoes to work yesterday and, as I limped towards the office, it took a lot of restraint for me not to take off the shoes and walk barefooted. When the shoes finally came off, my feet were actually shaking. Hmmm.... its funny how we ladies compromise our comfort for the Jimmy Choos and Italian high heels.

Do we really need this punishment? Sometimes as I wait for a troski at the bus-stop,  I see pretty young ladies, both skinny and heavy, in their struggling effort to keep their balance atop their high heel shoes taking very slow and calculated steps on the street. I once saw a lady whose feet were practically trembling as a result of these high heels.

Most of us, women wear high heels to work, church, parties and other social gatherings. Of course, there are those who even wear theirs at home or to the shopping mall. The sad part of the story is that many women are unaware of the fact that while wearing high heals, our feet are placed on an unnatural position. And this tends to lead to feet conditions, back problems and pain as well as posture problems. 

Oh, and sometimes, unlucky ladies develop all sorts of corns and calluses on their toes. This is not only painful but unsightly. To tell you the truth, I would rather wear flats and have sexy feet that wear high heels and ..... ... ugh!

Don't you think the price we pay for wearing high heels is too ....... hmmm....... what's  the word? Steep? Unduly high? As for me, I only wear heels when I know I'm gonna sit in a car and be driven straight to my destination, else, its flats all the way.....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aphrodisiacs, Cobra and “Exziteness”

I’ve always wondered why young and strong men who claim to be great in the sack waste their resources and time looking for various aphrodisiacs and penis enlargement treatments. Then yesterday, something very interesting happened on my way home from work.

Two of my colleagues (AB and FA), the chief driver (TT)  and i were in A.B’s car chatting when TT’s phone rings. He picks the call and talks in a very sweet voice, making it obvious that it is a lady on the other end of the line. As he ends the call, we begin to tease him about his many adventures with women. That was when he starts to talk about how he has “capa” and can make love for long periods of time.

He then proceeded to remove a small and funny looking tube  from his pocket which had the label Cobra on it and showed it to us. This was the conversation that ensued between us.

TT: This thing be strong papa. Cobra. Shwee! Just put a little at the tip of the “stick” and it will stand for hours.

Me: Eii! TT, so after all your bragging you use these things?

TT: Shwee! When I use am like this, e dey give me exziteness… To-otal!

You can imagine what happened next, AB, FA and I burst into fits of laughter. TT then decided to kill us with even more doses when he said “ when you finish like that, you are overjoyced” Ha! This drivers at the office wont kill me..

On Monday, one driver said Johannesbert. Now its “Exziteness” and “Overjoyced”. Ha!

But guys, what do you have to say about the use of these aphrodisiacs by men who, by medical standards do not need to use them? 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Foodie Complaint: Why Does Total "Bonjour's" Food Taste So Bad?

Picture taken from Google.

Can someone please tell me why the Chicken Inns found at Bonjour (formally known as On The Run), situated specifically at most Total service stations serve terrible food? Seriously, the first time I tasted their chicken, it tasted rancid.  And then, the last time I asked a friend to bring me lunch on his way back from town, he decided to surprise me with chips and chicken from Chicken Inn.... Unfortunately for him, I wasn't pleasantly surprised.

Whats wrong with them? Their rice is horrible. the chips is even worse and the chicken doesn't get better, whether fried or grilled. Perhaps they should just stick to serving pizza. That seems to be the only thing that turns out right there. And did I mention the fact that some of the waitresses, especially those at the Legon branch just seem to enjoy shaking their buttocks and model like queens instead of hurrying to take people's orders? Hmmm.... eye asem oo.....

So how bout you guys? Have you had similar experiences at other restaurants? Please share them if you do..


Friday, August 6, 2010

My Current Obsessions....

So, its weekend already and I am totally looking forward to a well deserved period of rest and relaxation. (Sigh) let it be 5pm already so I can go home....

Anyways,  I just felt like sharing my current obsessions with y'all.

  • True Blood:  Hearing Bill call out Sookie's name always make me laugh. Can't wait to start watching season 3.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Gosh! I have a thing for cute vampires..... lol!
  • The new hair-cut I plan on getting this weekend. Can't wait to look sexier than I already do (Hey, don't hate... :-)
  • Janelle Monae's The ArchAndroid. Love me some soul.....
  • Two and A Half Men... These guys are hilarious!!
  • The Expendables... Imagine Stallone, Schwarznegger, Willis, Lungdren, Rourke, Jet Li and Jason Statham in one movie. Excited Goosebumps already!
Well folks. Perhaps you could tell me what your current obsessions are.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sealing Broken Fragments

You break my heart
Then turn around
To say you care
And even dare
To seal the fragments
That were created the day you broke my heart
But darling, baby.
That’s a journey, my heart won’t embark on
Not with you at the driver’s seat
Cos these broken fragments
Were replaced with a brand new heart
And guess what, its custom made
From a rare form of stone
So now, as the door opens
Please take a cue
For I’ve got lots to do.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Gauging Principle In Ghanaian Cookery

As we sat in the troski, waiting for the traffic light to turn green so the vehicle would finally move after what seemed like eternity, a hawker passed by holding children's books and a Ghanaian recipes book. The latter quickly caught my attention and got me thinking. Being a passionate cook, I  enjoy experimenting with recipes from all parts of the world.  One thing that has always amazed me is how accurately the measurements of ingredients are listed and how perfectly the dish prepared turns out when you follow all instructions to the latter and, use the right measuring tools.

But lets face it, how many homes in Ghana even own measuring tools? Everybody operationally defines what "1 cup" is supposed to be. It could be the cups that come with rice cookers or cups as large as a water jug. My mum once told me when I asked about this issue that experience makes one a master of measurements and timings. So after cooking with her and on several occasions, these were some of the things I learnt during my teen years.
  1. You can tell if soups and stews are done by looking to see if and how much oil has come to the surface after a long period of simmering.
  2. When cooking rice and you want to soften it without adding water, you cover the food with a plastic bag so the steam softens the rice.
  3. When there is too much salt in soups or stews, you put in a potato or thick slice of yam to absorb the excess salt.
Also, one important lesson I learnt was that when adding spices, you gauge (estimate quantities).

Got any fylla to share on the topic?

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Players In 'The Game'.

Last night, I decided to relax by watching a new release on the Ghanaian movie market. Title - The Game. Its director Frank Raja Arase, taking lessons from movies such as Sin City, combines two different stories into one 'interesting' movie.

‘The Game’ tells a complex story of, love, affection, greed, betrayal, deceit, corruption, ambition, revenge and complete malice. Before I give my opinion on this movie, let's break the story into two parts, shall we?

Story One: This tells a tale of two brothers, Teddy (Majid Michel) and Bill (Johannes Maier) whose deceased father leaves behind a lot of money and a huge business empire for them to share. However as greed and betrayal sets in, Teddy, a master schemer, plans to have everything for himself. Teddy decides to take the life of his brother. After a failed assassination attempt, he decides to get married to Shenel (Yvonne Nelson) to push his diabolical plans through. Unbeknownst to Teddy, he isn't the only one with plans.

Story Two introduces us to Brandy (Yvonne Okoro), an accomplished liar who lies about being engaged to a big shot businessman, Ronny (John Dumelo) in order to enjoy media attention to boost her modeling agency. And after a series of interesting events, a lie eventually becomes the truth.

After watching the movie with my brother, these were the comments and questions that swam through the blood flowing in my complex brain.

First Question: What the hell is wrong with Frank Raja Arase? You would think that with the mistakes he made with Heart of Men, he would pay more attention to the script this time. The characters in Story One kept interchanging millions and thousands in terms of the amount of money involved. At one point is was a hundred thousand dollars and at another, it was a hundred million dollars. The difference is too significant to be overlooked.

If you would recall, in my review of the Heart of Men, Raja made a similar mistake by letting Nadia Buari’s character tell that of John Dumelo that Majid Michel’s character was at Accra-Ghana when, the former characters were only at the Northern Region and not another country.Raja should remember that, we those watching these movies are intellectuals and not daft beings. Or, am I being unduly harsh?

I heard that Raja was boasting about the movie being the best thing that Ghanaians had ever seen in the movie industry. (Scoffing) I beg... Someone should tell the guy to zip it and thank God that there aren't paid critics in Ghana, else he would be fried for breakfast!

It is true that this movie was a good attempt considering what we've seen over the years. However, in an attempt to create a complex story (especially Story One), Raja ends up taking us through a convoluted plot that makes watching the movie a chore instead of a fun-filled activity.

Oh, and did I forget to say that the concept of gamblers being introduced at certain points was a highly unnecessary and meaningless digression. The fact that the movie's title is The Game doesn't mean that we needed to see gamblers playing cards at the worst casino setting I've ever seen in my life. C'mon!  Were those characters really necessary?

I don't even want to talk about some of the new people casted in this movie; some were talking like babies whilst others sounded like they were kindergaten students at a poetry recital. Imagine.....

As you've probably surmised, I was't wowed by this one (I wasn't wowed by Sin City either). The elements of suspense are highly lauded but then again, how can you love one part of a movie and hate the other? I paid GH¢5 to enjoy a whole movie and not half of it (else I would have paid GH¢2.50, wouldn't I?).

So, if you've seen this movie, please let me know what your thoughts are on this one.

P.S I just found that scenes from this movie are too similar for comfort to an Indian movie titled "Race". Check out this link and see for yourself .

And to think Frank Raja was even bragging when his material was probably "borrowed" from what, a Hindi movie? Geez! It gets better or should I say, worse.... every minute.


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