Friday, October 21, 2011

KFC, What's the Fuss All About?

I've never been one who enjoys joining crazy queues just to purchase a meal. I've always had a 5min rule: If my order hasn't been taken five minutes after walking into the place, i'm out. After all, time is money and some of us actually schedule every freaking minute of our day.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw the wonderful queue at KFC on the Oxford street last Sunday. Was on my way to Smoothys and the traffic was crazy like hell. turns out that this was as a result of the large numbers of cars that couldn't seem to find parking. Didn't these people think about that when locating the eatery? Then again, that's Oxford Street for u. Frankies, Mr Biggs and even the Smoothys I was hurrying to have the same issues.

Forgive the digression for I'm not here to talk about parking. On a more serious note however, should we be rushing for such high unhealthy foods? The place was packed in a way beyond my comprehension. It's fried chicken for God's sake! The thought of how much Monosodium Glutamate each serving may contain makes me shudder.  So can someone tell me people are patient enough to spend 20 minutes waiting for a meal which in my estimation, does nothing but make you unhealthy? Or is it really cheap? Your thoughts? 


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