Friday, March 25, 2011

I Got This...

Everyone who knows me knows that Im a huge fan of Jennifer Hudson. I loved her right from her days on American Idol till now. I watched Dreamgirls because of her, not Beyonce. So it only made sense to get a copy of her second studio album, I Remember Me. All I can say is ... Wow! The woman is a diva....

I quickly fell in love with the second track on the album "I Got This." This song talks about determination in spite of all the stumbling blocks that may be faced along the way. This song has become my personal anthem. Hope the lyrics of the chorus show what I mean.

I got this, every single breath another step on my road

I got this, I'm from the south side trying to get to my goal
I got this, ain't no stopping me,
Come on follow me if you feel the need
I got this, better believe I got this, believe I got this ....

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tro Tro Drivers, Knocked Down Passengers And... Pure Water?

Jesus! Jesus! was all I said when I witnessed the incident a few days ago. The poor woman had just alighted from the troski. Unfortunately the driver parked too close to the gutter and as he moved he hit the woman who fell into the moderately deep gutter. And what a fall it was. I still shudder as I recall the loud thud and saw her chin hit the edge of the gutter.

It took 5 people to get her out and all the stupid troski driver could say was "obi ento pure water em bere me" (Someone should buy me some pure water). Are u kidding me? I thought he would talk about taking the woman to a clinic for a shot against tetanus or something. The woman could even have internal injuries and the idiot was aking for pure water.

Thank God the other passengers and witnesses gave it to him. Kwasia sem! Mcccheeewwww!


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