Friday, December 17, 2010

Date of Birth & Compatibility Tests...

So an old flame sends me a text asking for my date of birth. Wondering why he would text making such a request after a long break in correspondence I called him.

Me: Hey, what's up?
Him: Sorry for asking such a question without even saying hello.
Me: No problem. By the way, what do you need my date of birth for?
Him: I want to use it for something
Me: Does that thing have a name?
Him:  (Pause) Compatibility test...

At that point I burst into laughter..... Is he kidding me? After not hearing from this guy in like.... I can't even remember how long, he all of a sudden, wants to use some wack test to determine if we are compatible... Then he starts talking about elements and earth, wind etc.... I just said to him, this ain't Captain Planet and I don't do such crap. Goodbye..

Monday, November 29, 2010


Don't you just hate it when guys who are so full of themselves act like they are actually doing you a favor by chatting you up?

So, I'm walking real briskly to the salon on a hot Saturday afternoon for a new do. The plan was to kill two birds with one stone - burn calories and get an afro hairdo by dusk. Not that I enjoyed the beads of perspiration dripping down my back as I took long strides towards my destination but I guess that's why they say 'No pain, no gain'.

That was when this young man, who was supposed to be walking with a friend just interrupted my pattern with a loud hello.. I turned and he said good afternoon. I replied politely, thinking that he needed directions or something. Then he just stands there and says "Come here" like I'm a 12 yr old. I looked at him with irritation and said I was in a hurry.

All I heard him say was, "I want to talk to you and you are bluffing.... many people just want to hear my voice"....

At that, yours truly turned and said " Sorry man, but you are no McSteamy". Then as I turned and strutted away pleased with myself. I said loudly "Wanna know what McSteamy means, go watch Grey's Anatomy!".

Lol.... Some guys eh...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Love You….

I recall you asking the other day

That I tell you how I truly feel

So this is me, without inhibitions

Pouring out from the depths my soul

Feelings I’ve repressed for so long


Thus I list the things I wish for

Hoping you’ll see clearly

How you affect me.

I dream of your touch and warm embrace

To feel your kisses on both sides of my face

To be held in your arms as we cuddle all night

For then I know all things feel right


I wish to hear your voice

Every hour of the day

I miss your smile and the way your love felt

Every time you were around

Oh I wish I could see you soon

Just to feel that again


I can go on and on

But for  now I’m done

The words have been written

For I’m out  of courage to say them

But I hope you’ll finally know

How I truly feel.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Masturbation In the Troski?

I know some of you are wondering where this is coming from. keep reading and you'll find out soon.

Now, there have been conflicting thoughts and arguments on whether the act is good or bad. i'm not going to talk about that because that isn't the issue here. The problem arises when people bring their habits out in the open, and use others to satisfy their sexual needs. Can you believe that some crazy guy was so horny that he actually masturbated in the trotro? Wonders shall never end!

My sister and brother were coming home from town on an early Saturday morning when the "unique" incident occured. Apparently, the perpetrator of the act was sitting next to my sister whilst my brother sat on the seat in front of the guy.

My sister said all she felt was a hand brushing her left side and when she turned she noticed that the guy had crossed his hands and was masturbating with his right hand as he "brushed" my sister with his left. The poor girl was so scandalized that all she could do was stare at the guy in shock. The guy, who according to my sister was on the verge of "coming" started hitting the back of my brother's seat with his knees. My dear brother turned but the guy was so into what he was doing that he didn't even realise that he had an audience.

When he finally finished, he alighted at Legon bus stop (satisfied with his release, I'm sure). My sister stared after him with a horrified look on her face and an elderly man just breathed heavily and said... "Eye asem ooo".

Now, I've heard that these things happen on buses and trains in the US and UK... But Ghana?

How would you have reacted if you were in my sister's shoes? I'm eager to read your responses.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Biting Pastor.....

I'm trying so hard to stop myself from exploding as I type this post. Gosh! I'm laughing so hard that my ribs actually hurt. My sister just narrated one of the most bizarre yet funny incidents I've ever heard of.

Apparently our next door neighbour visited my parents clinic to request for a tetanus shot. The reason for this, wait for it.... She was bitten by a pastor. Yes, a pastor oo...

This lady whom, on recommendation from a friend,  felt this pastor could heal her hurting knee decided to give him a try. Now, as they were praying all the woman noticed was that the man was bending his head towards her knee and before she could say Amen, the pastor had taken a bite of her fleshy knees.

Was the pastor desperate to perform a miracle? Or did he have a special agenda?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

If Only?

It probably wasn't until I started puting on weight that I started to see how men see the world, how they check out women's bodies. Anytime I spot an attractive lady walking around, I look at all the men around. It's amazing, men who are alone or with other men look brazenly. Even men who are with women  look.

Anyway, last week I was talking with a male friend when this gorgeous lady in high heels struts her stuff past us, I turned and realised - everyone was staring at her. Even my friend. Now, when I told him to stop looking at her all he said was "Afua, you are a pretty girl but you would be getting these kind of stares if only, you would lose some pounds". To say I felt wounded would be putting it lightly...  I guess he realised that what he said hurt me so he apologised but hey, we already know what he was thinking...

So, as I posted my weight change on my weight loss blog, I asked myself, do all guys look at me and think the same thing? Hmmm... If only....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Culinary Delights.....

Hey guys! How many of you love to cook? As a serious foodie, I decided to share my passion with you guys. I therefore created a blog where I could share my own recipes and recipes I've discovered with you food lovers out there.

I'm sure you will love the Spicy Vegetable Rice Recipe that I prepared this evening. Anyhoo, come visit me at Culinary Delights soon.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Accra Traffic: Will It Go Away?

The traffic in the capital these days is nothing to write home about. It's so bad that getting a vehicle from one part of the city to another has become a problem. Even the taxi drivers are refusing to convey people to certain parts that are believed to be more affected by this menace.

This morning I stood at the bus stop for about 45 minutes and still couldn't get a vehicle to Madina. In the end, I had to charter a taxi to work. For how long can one continue like this. I can't spend GH¢20 for transportation alone on a daily basis oh!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stealing On The Third Day?

Unbelievable! That was all I could say when I found out that the new househelp had stolen my mom's cell phone. And she hasn't even been here for a week.

Yesterday she stole food and lied about it, . And now this... Talk about extremely sticky fingers....

I would have thought that she would try to create a good impression for a few months before showing her true colours but I guess, she just couldn't suppress the urge to steal.....

We have gathered all the evidence and right now my mom's contemplating the next step.  I even intentionally asked the girl if the phone was hers and she confidently answered in the affirmative.  I just don't understand it, she is treated in the same way we are all treated but she just had to blow it.

Why did this even have to happen today? With this malaria and the fact that I hate the way the Artesunate Amodiaquine is making me drowsy. Sigh!

Anyway, how do you think this issue should be handled? Do we threaten to send her to the police so she confesses or, do we just send her packing?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Walking indolently on a quiet street
I listen to sad love songs
As flashbacks of the times we’ve had
Remind me of the emptiness I feel
Now that you are not around

There was a time in the past
When I was yours
And you were mine
Together we were like beautiful music
Each note perfectly in place

Words can’t describe what it felt like
To have you kiss away all the sad tears
And crack little teasing jokes
Till you saw me struggle to hide my smile
Oh! the feeling was sublime.

Through the good and the bad
I’d been so glad to be with you
But now you’re gone
Leaving nothing but wishes and unfulfilled dreams
And the smell of your cologne
On every sheet I own

I know I should leave you in the past
And move on with my life
But it’ll take time
To control these feelings of you……

Sometimes I think of you and sigh……
If only I could have you hold me
Through the cold and rainy night
I would wake up to a morning
That is warm and bright.
But sadly, all I can do is wish…..

Friday, October 1, 2010

Intoxicating Love……

I can’t pretend that I’m not feeling
This strong passion, so consuming
One look at you is all its taking
To disrupt the rhythmic sound of my heart beating
It's dangerous but still,
I’m falling…

My friends keep warning me
A guy like you is toxic.
But all I long for is to be intoxicated
By the taste of your lips
As they land on mine….
I don’t need to imagine
That they’d taste like wine
From the sweetest vineyards of all time……

I can’t do this
Not anymore…..
Lines are one thing, actions another
I believe the saying is…
Less is more...
Be mine.. cus more is in store….

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shattered Dreams.....

Gazing rapturously at my reflection in the mirror
I felt I would take a chance
And look him straight in the eye
As I express my feelings
With an ease beyond description

I unexpectedly drop by
To surprise him and declare
My everlasting love to him
And I how I envision us

So delighted I was to be there
That I stupidly failed to hear
The moans and cries of passion
Till I was at his door

Take it easy, Take it easy
Was all the gruff and panting voice
Of the one I thought I knew
Was saying to his partner in the act

At least I have my pride
So away I walked, quietly
But as I left
I prayed for sounds of thunder
To mask the the sound of my heart breaking.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Home Based Enterprises’ Ridiculous Pricing.

Yesterday evening I decided to prepare some jollof rice for work today since, getting a decent meal at Botwe can be a problem sometimes. So, I send the houseboy to buy a can of Exeter corned beef and the two bottles of Malta Guiness that my Mom requested for with a crisp GH¢10 note.

The guy comes back 5 minutes later and says that the corned beef was being sold for GH¢6. What? These people added GH¢2 to the market selling price (GH¢4) as their profit. I quickly told him to send the corned beef back for a REFUND. That was when my Mom gave me the details of the Home Based Enterprises’ (HBE) Price List.


Item Market Price HBE Price
A tin of Milo GH¢4.50 GH¢5.50
Exeter Corned Beef (Small) GH¢2.00 GH¢4.00
Exeter Corned Beef (Big) GH¢4.00 GH¢6.00
Easy On Spray Starch GH¢3.00 GH¢3.50


The list is endless but I can’t remember most of the prices so I will leave it at that. The most annoying part is when these people try to sell a GH¢2 MTN recharge card for GH¢2.10. Can you imagine? Their hunger for profit has lead to all sorts of bizarre pricing methods. 

If this is for fixed measures, imagine what happens when the items being sold are perishables. Ha! Whatever you do, don’t try buying tomatoes, onion, unripe plantain or even charcoal from these people. Trust me on this one…..

What about you? Had any experiences such as this? Please Share..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pastors Who Spread Hatred.......

While venting out all my frustrations on the treadmill, I happened to see a news item on Sky News that talked about the plans of one Reverend Terry Jones to burn several hundred copies of the koran on the 9th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. And here I was thinking things couldn't get any scarier in the world.

"Has this man lost his mind?" was the first question I asked my Dad. Talk about spreading hatred instead of love. Seriously, has this man even considered the danger he is putting American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan into? Does the word FORGIVENESS not exist in his Bible?

Why add more fuel to a fire whose licking flames are looking innocent victims to prey on? We need to pray for an intervention before something worse happens.

And someone should take that ignorant not-thinking-straight imbecile to a shrink!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dating A Friend Of The Ex.........

I happened to be having an interesting conversation via phone with the ex (who is still a very good friend) when a female friend's name comes up. So, as he asks questions about what my friend has been up to, I ask him why he is interested in the details and that was when he said: Afua, I would never date your friends. I just can't do it.

Why?, I asked. He just said, I can't do it. Now, it got me thinking....... If we are no longer in a relationship and, he happens to like my friend and that feeling is reciprocated by her, what would be stopping them from hooking up? Me? Would that be fair?

To put it plainly, I don't know how I would handle such a situation cus, repressed feelings and erased feelings are two different things and I honestly don't know where the ex stands as far as those two categories of "feelings are concerned".

Would love to know your thoughts? How would you react? Are you for or against the whole idea?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Still Missing You……….

I woke up this morning

With you on my mind

Remembering your smile

And your dark and smooth skin

Those strong arms

That made me feel warm and safe

And sure that harm can’t stand a chance


Your voice always had me

Yes, my heart really did skip a beat

And my knees always went weak, literally.

I was reminiscing about all those times

The good, when you made me laugh

And stroked my hair

The bad, when you listened to my problems

And offered soothing words to calm my nerves


I remember how you would look deeply

Into my eyes anytime they met mine

Oh! This is torture.

I have to stop this now

But I can’t stop thinking about you

I thought I was over you

But now, I’m missing you more and more

As the seconds go by.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Sex, Lies and Not-So-Great Lamptey-Mills

Okay, so I was listening to the interview with the alleged victim of the Lamptey-Mills rape saga this morning on Joy FM and heard the girl say that she agreed to have sex with proprietor of Great Lamptey-Mills Schools.

“He did not defile me, I gave myself to him because I want to. I dated him, he said he wanted sex and I accepted it, he did not force me…so I don’t know what is going on.” she said when told that her case was one of defilement and not rape.

After hearing that, I was dumbfounded. Forget about the law for a moment and think about this. Dating her proprietor who by the way is married? Obviously the girl is much more stupid than I thought. Does Ghana Education Service permit students to date their teachers and the proprietors of their schools?

I was just discussing the issue with colleagues at the office and someone just asked “Why hasn’t that rat being stripped of the honor he was given at the last national awards ceremony?”.  Hmmm……. naa political issue ooo…

Seeing the man on TV in those music clips have always irritated me. Maybe its because I felt that the children were paying more time to entertainment instead of their books. Now, with this issue I realize that my instincts were right. I won’t be surprised if other students accuse him of rape. Perhaps he has fun with the female students during rehearsals or better yet, its more like a give and take affair; Have sex with me and I’ll let you perform in the music video that we will be airing on advertising cycle.

Personally, I think parents should withdraw their wards from that school. I know some of you think I’m being rash but think about it. First there was this music teacher who defiled a student in the toilet, now this. Like proprietor, like teacher.

What are your views on this issue? Should he be sent to prison? Should we be concerned about a girl who seems proud of her immoral acts?

Go to Joy FM for more details on the story…….

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wow! A Year Already?

A year ago today, after countless lectures on blogging from friends, who believed that I had a lot of good stuff to share, I created Soliloquies of a Diva  - A blog revolving around my crazy thoughts, emotions and passions.

I remember asking my friends: “who would read my posts?”. The answer is as clear as day. I would never have dreamed of making new and wonderful friends on the blogosphere. You guys rock!

I send my sincerest thanks to each and every reader who takes time out their crazily-busy but real lives to pay a visit and share their views on every thing I write. I promise to keep posting stuff regularly.

Yay! My blog is a year old……….. Gotta go celebrate.


Signed: The Ecstatic Diva

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


As I sit in a cold air-conditioned office

My mind cries in agony

At the realization of what the day will be

Till 5pm when I can flee


A dull day isn’t my thing

Being eclectic is in my nature

And hearing my phone ring every 3 minutes

Forms a major part of my day

Today , however is different

Silence takes charge

And as I hear the ticks and tocks on the clock

I’m near the point of losing my mind


I resort to daydreaming

But that doesn’t seem to be working

Wondering what to do

I look at my screen and find myself

In a land called Blogosphere

Finally, my face is brightly-lit

Cos Mr. Happy arrives

As I soliloquize.

Monday, August 16, 2010

4 and 20 Hours Loving…….

Am I living in a dream world

Or is this the real realm?

Just an innocent touch from you

Lights my fire

And your  friendly kisses take me higher

You make me smile with happiness

Even when  I feel the opposite


You helped me to discover me

When others just couldn’t see

The kind of potential within me

I guess it was their jealousy

Of the extent of my versatility

That fuelled their need to drive me crazy


But it doesn’t matter now

For as I walk out my front door

My feet lead me to your patio

And since time waits for no man

I’m here tell you this

My heart beats for you

Every 4 and 20 hours

And 7 days per week.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Someone Please Take Off My High Heels....

Christ! Is this the price I have to pay to look very fashionable, professional and appealing to clients? Aaah! My feet are hurting like crazy. Silly me decided to wear my Nine West high heel shoes to work yesterday and, as I limped towards the office, it took a lot of restraint for me not to take off the shoes and walk barefooted. When the shoes finally came off, my feet were actually shaking. Hmmm.... its funny how we ladies compromise our comfort for the Jimmy Choos and Italian high heels.

Do we really need this punishment? Sometimes as I wait for a troski at the bus-stop,  I see pretty young ladies, both skinny and heavy, in their struggling effort to keep their balance atop their high heel shoes taking very slow and calculated steps on the street. I once saw a lady whose feet were practically trembling as a result of these high heels.

Most of us, women wear high heels to work, church, parties and other social gatherings. Of course, there are those who even wear theirs at home or to the shopping mall. The sad part of the story is that many women are unaware of the fact that while wearing high heals, our feet are placed on an unnatural position. And this tends to lead to feet conditions, back problems and pain as well as posture problems. 

Oh, and sometimes, unlucky ladies develop all sorts of corns and calluses on their toes. This is not only painful but unsightly. To tell you the truth, I would rather wear flats and have sexy feet that wear high heels and ..... ... ugh!

Don't you think the price we pay for wearing high heels is too ....... hmmm....... what's  the word? Steep? Unduly high? As for me, I only wear heels when I know I'm gonna sit in a car and be driven straight to my destination, else, its flats all the way.....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aphrodisiacs, Cobra and “Exziteness”

I’ve always wondered why young and strong men who claim to be great in the sack waste their resources and time looking for various aphrodisiacs and penis enlargement treatments. Then yesterday, something very interesting happened on my way home from work.

Two of my colleagues (AB and FA), the chief driver (TT)  and i were in A.B’s car chatting when TT’s phone rings. He picks the call and talks in a very sweet voice, making it obvious that it is a lady on the other end of the line. As he ends the call, we begin to tease him about his many adventures with women. That was when he starts to talk about how he has “capa” and can make love for long periods of time.

He then proceeded to remove a small and funny looking tube  from his pocket which had the label Cobra on it and showed it to us. This was the conversation that ensued between us.

TT: This thing be strong papa. Cobra. Shwee! Just put a little at the tip of the “stick” and it will stand for hours.

Me: Eii! TT, so after all your bragging you use these things?

TT: Shwee! When I use am like this, e dey give me exziteness… To-otal!

You can imagine what happened next, AB, FA and I burst into fits of laughter. TT then decided to kill us with even more doses when he said “ when you finish like that, you are overjoyced” Ha! This drivers at the office wont kill me..

On Monday, one driver said Johannesbert. Now its “Exziteness” and “Overjoyced”. Ha!

But guys, what do you have to say about the use of these aphrodisiacs by men who, by medical standards do not need to use them? 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Foodie Complaint: Why Does Total "Bonjour's" Food Taste So Bad?

Picture taken from Google.

Can someone please tell me why the Chicken Inns found at Bonjour (formally known as On The Run), situated specifically at most Total service stations serve terrible food? Seriously, the first time I tasted their chicken, it tasted rancid.  And then, the last time I asked a friend to bring me lunch on his way back from town, he decided to surprise me with chips and chicken from Chicken Inn.... Unfortunately for him, I wasn't pleasantly surprised.

Whats wrong with them? Their rice is horrible. the chips is even worse and the chicken doesn't get better, whether fried or grilled. Perhaps they should just stick to serving pizza. That seems to be the only thing that turns out right there. And did I mention the fact that some of the waitresses, especially those at the Legon branch just seem to enjoy shaking their buttocks and model like queens instead of hurrying to take people's orders? Hmmm.... eye asem oo.....

So how bout you guys? Have you had similar experiences at other restaurants? Please share them if you do..


Friday, August 6, 2010

My Current Obsessions....

So, its weekend already and I am totally looking forward to a well deserved period of rest and relaxation. (Sigh) let it be 5pm already so I can go home....

Anyways,  I just felt like sharing my current obsessions with y'all.

  • True Blood:  Hearing Bill call out Sookie's name always make me laugh. Can't wait to start watching season 3.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Gosh! I have a thing for cute vampires..... lol!
  • The new hair-cut I plan on getting this weekend. Can't wait to look sexier than I already do (Hey, don't hate... :-)
  • Janelle Monae's The ArchAndroid. Love me some soul.....
  • Two and A Half Men... These guys are hilarious!!
  • The Expendables... Imagine Stallone, Schwarznegger, Willis, Lungdren, Rourke, Jet Li and Jason Statham in one movie. Excited Goosebumps already!
Well folks. Perhaps you could tell me what your current obsessions are.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sealing Broken Fragments

You break my heart
Then turn around
To say you care
And even dare
To seal the fragments
That were created the day you broke my heart
But darling, baby.
That’s a journey, my heart won’t embark on
Not with you at the driver’s seat
Cos these broken fragments
Were replaced with a brand new heart
And guess what, its custom made
From a rare form of stone
So now, as the door opens
Please take a cue
For I’ve got lots to do.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Gauging Principle In Ghanaian Cookery

As we sat in the troski, waiting for the traffic light to turn green so the vehicle would finally move after what seemed like eternity, a hawker passed by holding children's books and a Ghanaian recipes book. The latter quickly caught my attention and got me thinking. Being a passionate cook, I  enjoy experimenting with recipes from all parts of the world.  One thing that has always amazed me is how accurately the measurements of ingredients are listed and how perfectly the dish prepared turns out when you follow all instructions to the latter and, use the right measuring tools.

But lets face it, how many homes in Ghana even own measuring tools? Everybody operationally defines what "1 cup" is supposed to be. It could be the cups that come with rice cookers or cups as large as a water jug. My mum once told me when I asked about this issue that experience makes one a master of measurements and timings. So after cooking with her and on several occasions, these were some of the things I learnt during my teen years.
  1. You can tell if soups and stews are done by looking to see if and how much oil has come to the surface after a long period of simmering.
  2. When cooking rice and you want to soften it without adding water, you cover the food with a plastic bag so the steam softens the rice.
  3. When there is too much salt in soups or stews, you put in a potato or thick slice of yam to absorb the excess salt.
Also, one important lesson I learnt was that when adding spices, you gauge (estimate quantities).

Got any fylla to share on the topic?

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Players In 'The Game'.

Last night, I decided to relax by watching a new release on the Ghanaian movie market. Title - The Game. Its director Frank Raja Arase, taking lessons from movies such as Sin City, combines two different stories into one 'interesting' movie.

‘The Game’ tells a complex story of, love, affection, greed, betrayal, deceit, corruption, ambition, revenge and complete malice. Before I give my opinion on this movie, let's break the story into two parts, shall we?

Story One: This tells a tale of two brothers, Teddy (Majid Michel) and Bill (Johannes Maier) whose deceased father leaves behind a lot of money and a huge business empire for them to share. However as greed and betrayal sets in, Teddy, a master schemer, plans to have everything for himself. Teddy decides to take the life of his brother. After a failed assassination attempt, he decides to get married to Shenel (Yvonne Nelson) to push his diabolical plans through. Unbeknownst to Teddy, he isn't the only one with plans.

Story Two introduces us to Brandy (Yvonne Okoro), an accomplished liar who lies about being engaged to a big shot businessman, Ronny (John Dumelo) in order to enjoy media attention to boost her modeling agency. And after a series of interesting events, a lie eventually becomes the truth.

After watching the movie with my brother, these were the comments and questions that swam through the blood flowing in my complex brain.

First Question: What the hell is wrong with Frank Raja Arase? You would think that with the mistakes he made with Heart of Men, he would pay more attention to the script this time. The characters in Story One kept interchanging millions and thousands in terms of the amount of money involved. At one point is was a hundred thousand dollars and at another, it was a hundred million dollars. The difference is too significant to be overlooked.

If you would recall, in my review of the Heart of Men, Raja made a similar mistake by letting Nadia Buari’s character tell that of John Dumelo that Majid Michel’s character was at Accra-Ghana when, the former characters were only at the Northern Region and not another country.Raja should remember that, we those watching these movies are intellectuals and not daft beings. Or, am I being unduly harsh?

I heard that Raja was boasting about the movie being the best thing that Ghanaians had ever seen in the movie industry. (Scoffing) I beg... Someone should tell the guy to zip it and thank God that there aren't paid critics in Ghana, else he would be fried for breakfast!

It is true that this movie was a good attempt considering what we've seen over the years. However, in an attempt to create a complex story (especially Story One), Raja ends up taking us through a convoluted plot that makes watching the movie a chore instead of a fun-filled activity.

Oh, and did I forget to say that the concept of gamblers being introduced at certain points was a highly unnecessary and meaningless digression. The fact that the movie's title is The Game doesn't mean that we needed to see gamblers playing cards at the worst casino setting I've ever seen in my life. C'mon!  Were those characters really necessary?

I don't even want to talk about some of the new people casted in this movie; some were talking like babies whilst others sounded like they were kindergaten students at a poetry recital. Imagine.....

As you've probably surmised, I was't wowed by this one (I wasn't wowed by Sin City either). The elements of suspense are highly lauded but then again, how can you love one part of a movie and hate the other? I paid GH¢5 to enjoy a whole movie and not half of it (else I would have paid GH¢2.50, wouldn't I?).

So, if you've seen this movie, please let me know what your thoughts are on this one.

P.S I just found that scenes from this movie are too similar for comfort to an Indian movie titled "Race". Check out this link and see for yourself .

And to think Frank Raja was even bragging when his material was probably "borrowed" from what, a Hindi movie? Geez! It gets better or should I say, worse.... every minute.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Goodbye Love Pariah......

In a crowd where people stare
And I'm seen as a love pariah
My eyes only seem to see
His face in a blank space

Even when the world is spinning around
And my thoughts are partially clouded
My every memory of him stays intact
Like yarns spun into a tight ball

Just when I was wondering
How long my mind would keep wandering
To the times we had fun as friends
And pretending that it didnt matter
If thats all we would ever be
He showed up at my doorstep
And says "will you be mine, exclusively"?

Hurray! the wilderness days are over
For finally, we've taken the next step
That every one wishes for
At one point in their life.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Self Medication in Ghana

Do you trust chemists, pharmacists or should I say... behind the counter dispensers with no qualification in pharmacy or medicine to diagnose your illnesses and treat them without first seeing the doctor?
Many Ghanaians are found self-medicating at one point or another. Check an average Ghanaian's home and you will find Aspirin, Paracetamol, Efpak, Cough syrups, lozenges, Valium etc. However, is it really safe to have these because they have been advertised on TV?

Last week I saw an Alhaji something van with herbal medicines in my area of abode. The advertiser, using a megaphone claimed that a bottle of herbal bitters to cure Piles, Dysmennorhea (mentrual cramps), Infertility (in men and women), breast cancer, gonnorhea, candidiasis etc. Ebei! Talk about a multi-tasking drug.....

Now this multi-tasking medicine got me scared. I'm neither a doctor nor a pharmacist but, aren't these drugs supposed to have a varying range of active ingredients? What if some agents cause severe allergic reactions or have side effects? I remember a time when my Mom took her pills with Green Tea; it wasn't good. And that was Green Tea.

Did I mention those who buy and sell drugs on the troski? There was this one man who said that the pomade he was selling could make hair grow and also remove unwanted hair (to whom it applies scenario). Talk about marketing skills....

I know our health system isn't the best and poverty also influences the decision of the masses to go to the drug store when there is a problem but, is that a good enough justification for self medication?

Your thoughts on the issue are most welcomed.....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jump Rope Workout = Bodacious Bod

There is always an equation for doing things and in the case of weight loss, its


Unfortunately for me, after losing 13kg, a lot of stressful things occured in my life and I just lost the drive I needed to get up at 4am every morning to workout. That all ended today.

I woke up this morning and decided to continue with my jump rope workout (thats the only thing I can do continuously without getting bored) . It was a blast! After the first 200 jumps, I felt as if my heart was going to burst out of my chest. But I continued till I had completed 1000 jumps in 10 sets of 100 jumps and I must confess, it felt good to be working out again.

You see, some of us just hate to do varying stuff so the jump rope workout is perfect since it works every single muscle in the body. When I first started skipping rope, I noticed that my legs became more shapely and my arms became firmer.

So now wish me luck on my continued journey towards an extremely bodacious bod....

Ta ta........

PS.. Do tell about the interesting workouts you do.... Please......

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trapped By The Bunk Bed!

Okay. So I was sitting back reminiscing about the fun my mates and I had in Senior Secondary School and couldn't help but laugh out loud at one particular memory that still remains fresh on my mind. And if you think the title is figurative, please continue to read the story that follows.

It was a sunny weekday afternoon and students were rushing out of the dining hall after having their lunch. The weather was so hot that most of us couldn't wait to have cold showers as we were punished by the scorching sun en route to our dormitories....... Unfortunately, our plans to get a cold shower were put on hold by the sound of the ringing bell ( we all knew something was up).

As I slipped on my bathrobe and hurried towards the bathroom, the bell-ringer announced that all students were to proceed to the Assembly Hall for the handing over ceremony. Immediately I heard a Mtcheew (hissing of teeth) behind me. Arrgh! these people paa... what handing over ceremony isn't announced till the last minute?  Apparently, they wanted Form Three prefects to hand over their badges to the newly appointed prefects who were still in Form Two and guess what, attendance was compulsory.

Not too excited about the whole event, my friends and I; who were Form Three students, decided to boycott the whole event for this simple reason: the weather was really really hot and the last thing any of us wanted to do was sit through an event that was of no benefit to us.... Yeah, I'm sure you are thinking "this is deviant behaviour' but hey, there are days when good girls snap. :-)

Anyway, before we could even get to the bathroom, we heard someone shout "Teachers are coming" We all knew what that meant, Scatter! Some students ran out of the dormitories but yours truly, who prides herself as being the queen of hide and seek decided to hide and, so did some of my mates who had also decided not to attend.

So as I hid under the bed of a mate who had scattered books all over in her corner and, had lots of stuff under her bed, I knew I was safe (anyone who got there would assume that the person was packing stuff and had to leave for the ceremony). Smart, aye?

Toshie, my dormmate was not so lucky though. Till this day I still can't figure out why she thought barricading the doors with a trunk would prevent the male teachers from entering the dorm. As she hurried to hide under one of the beds, she chose a really low bunk bed. Wrong decision. See, Toshie was big, with a large backside so kindly try to visualize what happened next.

Yes! My dear girl got stuck. Her head and upper back were under the bed and her butt was sticking out. the worse part was that she could neither go under the bed nor come out. I struggled to muffle my laughter when the two teachers burst into the dormitory and whipped her stuck butt  as she screamed Oh Sir, Oh Sir Oh Sir.......

Anyways, we all had a good laugh as I re-enacted the whole show later that night after prep........

Got any interesting experiences to share? Please let it out.... I'm dying to hear them.....


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Movies And The Ghanaian Audience....

There was a time when, if you wanted to watch a movie, the only place you could go to was the local cinema or those video shed that showed movies for token fees. Then came video, which meant that you could record your favorite movies from your television and watch them time and time again, until the tape wore out. Buying the movies on video cassettes also meant that you could watch many films anytime you felt like it.

Then, with the advent of advanced technology came Cable TV, DVDs and the Internet. Now, looking at the Ghanaian scene, one can clearly see the popularity of movies in the country. You find people selling movies everywhere in the metropolitan capital Accra; from video shops to small stalls and kiosks and, in traffic (which I consider to be a risky purchase by the way ;-) . There are also posh cinemas like Silverbird who show mostly foreign movies and premiere a few Ghanaian and Nigerian movies.

And of course, those who can't afford to spend huge monies on cinema houses also exchange movies with friends who spend a few hours at the cafe and are able to download about 5-10 movies at the end of the day; depending on the connection speed.

Yes, we can say without a doubt that movies are popular in Ghana. So why then, do we always hear news stories indicating that the Ghanaian movie industry is in crisis? Why are there always censorship issues when there is supposed to be a Censorship Board?

People always complain about the sex scenes and nudity in our movies these days. As I was having an argument with a few friends last night, I asked them this question: what prompts the producers to make certain types of movies? The answer is simple.... its the audience.

So I decided then to conduct a survey to find out about the viewing preferences of the Ghanaian movie audience and see if we can all find out what majority of Ghanaians want to see in a movie that they choose to watch.

I would be grateful if you could answer these few questions......


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love Drug………..

Its 10pm

On a cold weekday evening

And raindrops are trickling down the glass louvers.

Johnny Gill’s “My My My”

Plays softly in the background

As you caress my cheeks

And leave a trail of passionate kisses

That send waves of pleasure

Along my already shivering spine

You smile in surprise

As my innocence blows your mind

And your attitude excites me.

Goodness! I’m addicted to you

Like a junkie is to heroin

And I don’t even need

A needle & syringe

To get me high

So baby, hold me tight

And take me to my happy place

Cus I’m ready for another dosage

Of this drug called love….

Monday, July 12, 2010

The One…

Its another weekday evening and whilst everyone else is probably sipping wine and relaxing after a long day at work, having dinner out with friends, or talking to their significant others about the hectic happenings that occurred during the day,  here I am, listening to JD’s discovery, Dondria’s single “ You’re the one”, and staring at the blank document page on my laptop.

Listening to the lyrics of the song got me thinking. Yep, my mind is simultaneously playing a constant roll of memories and trying to find reasons behind each memory.  How do you determine who “the one” is? Do we look for people who are uncharacteristically thoughtful, or people who are considerate of our feelings and continue to tolerate us when we are being selfish, mean and complete jerks at the same time.

I sometimes ask my friends, “How do you know that this one person is the one you are supposed to spend the rest of your existence on this earth with?” Are there specific signs or is it just a feeling that can’t be controlled? Well guess what, none of my friends have ever given any other answer apart from “You just know”.

Lets face it: My love life is pretty much a giant crap show. I’ve had my heart ripped out of my chest one too many times. So, after failed relationships which started with the conviction that those guys, at various points in time were supposed to be “the one for me”. I’m sure anyone can understand why I’m asking these questions… Or? What do you say, person reading this post?

I would sometimes lie in bed at night, hoping and praying that my ex would call and make a confession of remorse for hurting my feelings but, I finally realized that it was just a waste of time on someone who probably isn’t great for me. After all, it seemed he always had time for every other thing but me.

Personally, I believe that in love the other person must be your priority and vice versa. So why allow someone in your past to occupy a sizeable apartment in your brain? Totally pointless…

So for now, my heart is being be kept under lock and key… at least, till i find the “The One”.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Why You Should Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them...

I remember loving the smell of new clothes anytime my Mom came back from her travels and opened her suitcases to give us whatever she had purchased for us during her trips.  Knowing that they were new, we always slipped them on without washing them first; after all, they were new. If only I knew how wrong I was then.

I saw the light one day while I was shopping for a new set of clothes. As I looked through clothes in the boutique, I saw one sweaty lady try on a blouse and then take it off. Now, what I saw shocked me cus as soon as the lady left the shop, the sales attendant just put the garment back on the rack... Yeah I know, disgusting! That was when I decided that I would always try new garments with my own clothes on. Can you imagine the kind of bacteria that lady could have transferred onto that blouse that she didn't buy in the end? And that was a blouse... Imagine if it were a pair of trousers or jeans that get close to your intimate areas!

I decided to then see what experts say about this issue and you wouldn't believe what I found on Good Morning America. A team of experts conducted some research by buying "new clothes" from various stores and tested them for germs earlier this year and found very disturbing results.

They found representation of respiratory secretions, skin flora, and some fecal flora on one blouse, discovered evidence of feces, skin flora and respiratory secretions, especially in the armpit and "close to the buttocks," on another jacket.

Oh! and the biggest surprise, according to the scientists came when they tested a silk blouse. Could you believe that they found vaginal organisms, yeast and more fecal germs? Quoting what one scientist said when discussing the results, you may understand why you should wash your new clothes before wearing them.

"Some garments were grossly contaminated with many organisms … indicating that either many people tried it or ... someone tried it on with heavy contamination," he said. "In a sense, you are touching somebody's arm pit or groin. So you want to be protected that's all". Gosh! Imagine what it would be like if it were a bra... Ladies, please take a cue cus that's kinda gross if you ask me.

So, in order to protect yourself from these harmful bacteria, please wash your new clothes and underwear before wearing them. And if possible, wear clothes underneath while trying on new clothes and wash your hands after shopping as recommended by the experts.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stronger With Each Tear

There are no words or ways to show

All the thoughts I’m thinking of…

I reflect on my past actions

Oh! the crazy things I did

Just to show my passion


You were all I always wanted

Everything I thought I needed

I’m sure I reinvented the true meaning

Of what people call a yearning


But then you left

And it felt like the sun

Was taken from my sky

I must confess I’m still confused

And can’t help but feel used

Tell me why I had to pay the wrong price

For falling deeply for you


They say time heals the wounds

So why do mine still feel new?

Why does my heart still skip a beat

Anytime I hear your name

Why does my body spontaneously tremble

Anytime I  smell your sweet perfume?


I cried for many nights

Till my reservoir of tears was totally depleted

I prayed that you would come back

And fantasized for hours on end

About a love that wasn’t real

And a past, not  to be revived


But tonight as I sit in my quiet bedroom

Smiling and typing away on these little keys

I realize one positive thing

In this whirlwind of negative emotions…

That which doesn’t kill you

Makes you stronger

After the tears have dried.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Accessing Public Transportation after 5: A Make or Break Quest



Two days ago, my elder sister came home with the look I know so well. Being the concerned and inquisitive last born of the family, I quickly asked her why she was looking so downcast. After a short sigh, she said “Someone stole my purse as I was alighting from the troski at 37”. Oh!

Fortunately for her, the only thing she had lost was GH¢50, since she doesn’t put her ATM cards and IDs in her wallet. As we talked about her loss, I shuddered to think of what I would have done if I had lost my purse (it has my two ATM cards and IDs)….

Now this happened as she was getting down from the troski. Several people at the bus stop were struggling to get on, so as she squeezed through the fighting would-be passengers, someone decided to earn a bonus by taking my dear sister’s purse (which in actuality was my favorite 5 yr old Dior purse).

When its 5pm in Accra, about 95% of businesses in Accra call it a day. However, we all know that the day ends when we get to our places of abode. And of course, in order to get home there are three things you have to deal with: Traffic, shortage of vehicles and the fact that the every worker in Accra also wants  to get home. My brother, who goes through this ordeal every single day calls his struggle to get a vehicle a “Make or Break Deal”.

Why do we have to go through this everyday? As I tried to think of possible reasons for this troubling phenomenon, these were the few I could come up with:

  1. Too many cars on single-laned nightmares
  2. Inadequate roads
  3. Too few buses
  4. Lack of an efficient railway system
  5. Faulty traffic lights

Do you have anything else to add? I’m sure there are many more probable reasons that have failed to travel through my mind at the moment.

By the way, have you noticed that some thieves have also taken this problem as an opportunity to rob already frustrated people who haven’t gotten vehicles. They act like they are also struggling to get on the bus when in actual fact, they are slipping their fingers into people’s pockets and purses.

Some perverts also take the opportunity to squeeze people’s butts (A friend just told me of her experience as I was typing this)….. Oh Chaley!! And the rains are not helping matters at all…

The funny thing that some people do is to board the vehicle before asking for its destination. Eiii!!! Nsem wo Ghana…… Why go through all that stress only to find out that the car isn’t heading to your destination?

My sisters and brothers, finding transportation in Accra after 5pm  is indeed… a make or break quest…..

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Secrets of A Love Fiend.......

Its been 3 months, 4 days and 6 hours
Since we ended the thing called us
But my knees still weaken
When I see your name on my fon.

Hearing your voice on the radio
Always mesmerizes me
I still can't seem to help it
Cus I always grow so weak
Anytime I feel you close

I know we agreed
That we should still be friends
Since we have a lot in common
And care about one another.

But I'm not sure I can do this
Cus I fall harder for you
When I try to erase what I feel
I can't stop my feelings
Everything I try just fails me

You're all I think about
My heart keeps beating only for you
I keep trying to deny it to myself
Pretending I don't have these feelings
And lying to myself

But the painful truth is
I'm addicted to everything you.
The past, the present and possible future.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Accept Responsibilty And Shut The Hell Up!!!!!!!

What I can't stand is when people try to blame others for their problems without taking a deeper look within to see if those problems are actually consequences of certain decisions they made....

Sometimes people do treat us badly or in an unhelpful way and this may have a negative effect on us..... But does that make it right for us to keep reliving a past experience that may be totally unhealthy for us? I don't think so..

I have a friend who is always complaining that his Dad is the cause of his problems and his behaviour/bad habits... And you wouldn't believe what those problems and habits were:

  • His inabilty to find a job
  • He spends most of his time hanging out/smoking/drinking with friends who mostly had jobs
  • He has very unkempt dreadlocks
Do you know what his father's crime was? Allowing his son to have the best things in life. This was someone who drove to Achimota school (which by the way was and still is one of the best schools in the country) when he was in JSS; and he could even walk or take troski if he wanted to. Yet he has the guts to blame his Dad for his problems.

So one day as I try to convince him to cut his locks off and get his act together before going on a job hunt, he starts his bitter commentary about how his dad hasn't helped him in any way and all..... And that's when I snap!

"Did he ever force a cigarrette down your throat, or ask you to sport these nasty locks which is probably why people don'ttake you seriously?" Or was he the one who asked you to spend valuable time drinking with friends who ironically, have jobs?"

He failed to understand that we are in control of our destiny, our parents do what they can but in the end, it is up to us to do something worthwhile with our lives....

So I said to him, accept responsibilty for your actions and shut the hell up!! Thats the only way you can get your shit together and move on with your life.. Forgive yourself for mistakes that have caused major setbacks in your life and move on.....

Folks, I hope you do agree that externalising blame solves nothing... Remember we will only walk on this earth once so, do make the best of the time you have......

Enjoy the weekend.....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I never thought that

I would feel this different

And I never thought your touch

Would make my senses different

As I try to fathom out what this feelings mean

I hear your voice whisper gently in my ears

“Baby this time things would be different”

Is that why my temperature seems to rise

When your warm hand caresses my cheek?

Or when you tell me my kind

Is an endangered species that must be handled with care?

Or when you hold me carefully

Like a precious commodity not found

In any marketplace?

(Sigh) the tears well up in my eyes now

As you look at me with tender yet surprised eyes

Failing to realize that you blow my mind each second

With the one feeling no one has ever shown me

To a magnitude such as this.

So my conclusion only makes sense.

Now I’m not afraid to let go

And experience this thing we call love

One more time………

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Green Tea: Why I Can't Put My Mug Down.......

The first time I heard someone talk about Green Tea, I remember saying to myself "Why would I want to drink such a thing when I already have trouble drinking black tea?" Then, I heard Oprah recommending that we drink at least 2 cups of Green Tea daily. That's when yours truly decided to give it a try and... My Oh My.... after drinking my first cup, I realised that something was different... I started urinating more frequently and..... I lost a kilo in just two days..

So, I decided to do my own research on the benefits of drinking Green Tea and you wouldn't Believe what I found out.....

Apparently, Green Tea has antioxidants that:
  • help prevent cancer
  • Lowers "bad" cholesterol (known as LDL) and improves the ratio of "good" cholesterol (known as HDL).
  • Stops the unnatural formation of blood clots that cause thrombosis (which is one of the major causes of strokes and heart attacks).
  • Reduces high blood pressure by preventing action of  agents that cause constriction of the blood vessels causing high blood pressure.
  • Lowers blood sugar which helps prevent and relieve TYPE-11 diabetes.
  • Protects liver against toxins like alcohol and chemicals in cigarette smoke.
  • Promotes oral health by suppressing the process of plaque formation and destroying the bacteria that forms plaque. It also destroys bacteria that causes bad breath, so if you don't want people moving away when you open your mouth, you know what to do...
  • Destroy free radicals that cause aging.
  • Possess antibacterial and antiviral properties. Recent studies show that green tea inhibits the spread of disease, speeds up recovery from cold and flu and, it also kills seven strains of food poisoning bacteria including clostridium, botulus and staphylococcus (which makes it a good treatment for diarrhoea).
  • Helps your body to maintain healthy fluid balance and relieve fatigue and stress often caused by dehydration. ( That explains my frequent urination when I first drank it).
  • Blocks main receptors that produce allergic reactions.
  • Stimulates metabolism, calorie burning process and is wildly being used as an important part of a healthy diet.
So you see, with all these benefits, why would I want to settle for anything else.... There are various brands on the market with different flavors but i prefer the Lipton Green Tea in the Jasmine and Citrus variants...(which can be found at Shoprite).

Oprah recommended it, the Chinese recommended it... Now I'm recommending it.... Please try it and tell me what you think.....

Gotta go pour myself a hot mug of green tea....


    Saturday, May 15, 2010

    Confession Of Love…..

    Sitting in a dark room
    Thinking of lines to express
    Feelings that I can’t repress
    I close my eyes and sigh
    As thoughts of you give me an unexplained high

    Since the day we met
    The calls and txts, though infrequent
    Made my heart stop every time
    Your name appeared as Caller ID
    We would talk for hours and hours
    With me smiling and blushing on the other end

    That’s when I knew
    That it was you and you alone
    Cos what we have is uniquely sweet
    And pleasantly unrefined
    Yeah yeah yeah.... I confess
    Listening to that Luther CD
    Made me realize.....

    One thing that I can’t deny
    Is that my red heart goes blue
    Like the cold ocean
    When I’m not with you
    See baby... its true
    I’m so in love with you

    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    Bruised But Not Broken..........

    Last night as I listened to Joss Stone's Introducing Joss Stone album, the soulful music made me relax and reflect on my love life.. Last year and the first few months of this year has been a rollercoaster ride between emotional bliss and heartbreak hell......

    See... I'm what many people call a hopeless romantic. I try so hard to be careful and yet when I fall in love I stop myself from being safe and that's when the problems start, its as if I'm not supposed to let guys know how I feel... Since the moment they realise how much I care, then they start taking me for granted....

    Anyway, last year when an undeserving, ungrateful opportunist broke my heart, I snapped.. I began to ask if something was wrong with me, was it because I was fat (I'm a size 16-18)? Is it because I let my feelings show? Am I too emotional? Am I unattractive?

    So, the first thing I did was go a diet and exercise regimen and,  my hard work was rewarded by a weight loss of 10kg... It was then that I realised I was doing it for myself since exercising made me happy and got my mind off things. Oh!!! and when I felt lazy, all I needed to motivate myself was the size 14 jeans that I want so badly to wear by December..

    Then I met someone else, who of course raised my hopes only to bring them crashing down.... I cried a few tears, couldn't eat for days and couldn't concentrate at work.... That was when a friend sat me down and said..... "Enyo, when you love yourself 100%, you won't give a shit about being loved by someone else"

    And then it was Joss Stone's clearly sung lyrics that suddenly got me back into action.....

    And i'll be alright
    And i'll love again
    And the wounds will mend
    I'm bruised but not broken
    And the pain will fade
    I'll overcome my fear
    Its not the end of me
    My heart is still open now
    I'm bruised but not broken....

    Indeed, I am bruised... But I'll be damned if I allow some guy to break me...

    Friday, April 23, 2010


    Its been a month, eights days and 2 hrs since

    My heart snapped into fragmented pieces

    For the third time

    I remember how things used to be

    Back when it all started

    You used to look at my cleavage with lustful eyes

    And laugh when I caught you staring

    Then you would look at me with a tender loving gaze

    Before you'd have me cuddled up in your arms

    But then you suddenly found it difficult

    To even say you care

    The romantic gestures you once showed

    Vanished, like wisps of smoke into thin air

    I longed to hear those three short words

    But you just didn’t understand me

    Or did you simply refuse to say them,

    So you could have the upper hand?

    Talking about my weight became your anthem

    I thought you cared but the criticism continued

    Don't even try to explain

    Cus I ain't taking it personal

    I finally saw what the real deal was

    Oh yes, I found you out

    So, you are intimidated

    By my capability..........

    It took me a while to figure it out

    And boy, it sure feels good to know

    That you lost me as a result of

    Your Insecurity....

    Thursday, April 22, 2010


    I've been trying to connect with you

    Ever since that day that you caught my eye

    But you kinda shy and that just keeps

    Setting you at such a distant reach

    But your smile always warms my heart

    Even when we're walking

    In parallel lines.

    So today I'm gonna do a really brave thing

    I heard you got the Chrysler for the weekend

    Maybe you could give me a ride to the station

    And hopefully, close up the distance

    Between the parallel lines that seperate us.

    Wednesday, March 31, 2010

    Crazy Signage!!!

    So I came across this sign post above a welder's shop and just had to share..... I hope you guys can figur out what's wrong with this and why I couldn't control my laughter when I actually read it.....


    Interesting, isn't it? Lol!!

    Monday, March 8, 2010

    Holiday Secrets

    A friend asked me to share a few secrets today. I agreed so here we go.... Are you Ready?

    I have never had sex before but I'm sure of one thing: When I do, it will definitely be full of laughter (just like when I had my first kiss) lol!!

    I happen to be a very shy person when it comes to intimacy but when I get comfortable, the feisty and naughty but sensual seductress in me awakens...... Oh yes...

    Anyhoo, I've shared enough secrets for today... Do you have any to share? Please feel free........

    Have a wonderful day...

    Saturday, March 6, 2010

    Ghana: 53 Years of What?

    On this day 53 three years ago, the shackles of colonialism were taken off our necks and we were declared an independent nation.. This naturally means that it is acknowledged and identified as a very inportant date in Ghanaian history and would consequently, be celebrated and cherished by all Ghanaians.

    Most of us would be happy that today being a Saturday means that we wouldn't have to go to work on Monday. But, the question most of us fail to ask is "What have we achieved after 53 years of independence"?. And sadly, all I can say is that the battle has not ended and Ghana is yet to be freed from bondage.

    Isn't it sad that a country which was once considered wealthy in terms of natural resources has resorted to borrrowing from other nations?

    Can someone tell me the ratio of employees of local industries to that of foreign industries in Ghana? Most of the local industries have collapsed.. We buy imported rice rather than consume our own locally grown rice.

    We keep changing our educational system and confusing the minds of our future leaders. Universities do not have adequate resources for research hence the use of dated material when trends keep changing by the millisecond.

    Unemployment rates are so high that University graduates wonder whether they should have even wasted time studying in the first place.

    And the embarrassing part is that countries such as China, Taiwan and even India who we probably had better conditions have been able to propel their economic growth at an impressive rate.. Have you noticed the number of products that we buy which have "Made in China" stickers or inscriptions? Geez! the list is endless: toothpicks, chalk, flashlights, cloth pins, pencils, bathroom slippers ........... I could go on and on.. These products wouldn't be here if we weren't buying them.

    Are we trying to say that we can't produce toothpicks? Why won't Ghanaian companies have to close down if we can't even patronise our own goods?

    The part that kills me is how our film industry is being dominated by low standard material.. What is going on now? Is the Censorship Board active? What kind of movie is Kiss Me If You Can...?Are we promoting porn in Ghana?

    I don't even want to talk about the level of corruption in the country... We all know what is going on...

    And eyebrows should be raised if in the space of 6 months, major fires gut important functioning bodies of the nation? Yes... that reminds me of the water hydrants in town that don't seem to have any purpose...

    So my question is what are we doing now? What exactly have we achieved after fifty-three years? Cos if this is what we define as freedom, then we have along way to go....

    Its true that sometimes our benefits from the big organization come with conditions but, I don't think thats a good excuse to slack...

    We need to find better ways to solve our problems.. Others have, and so can we...

    That being said, have a Happy Independence Day... (and I'm not being sarcastic).... 

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010


    I want to run, I want to hide.

    From all the pain he caused inside.

    I want to scream, I want to cry.

    But when I see him all I do is smile

    Why can't I just tell him Goodbye?

    I want to move on but, I just can't let go.

    I love him more than he will ever know.

    I wish to start over, I want to feel free!

    But this pain will never leave me be.

    He hurt me bad, the pain is deep.

    I believed I was strong but I'm weakened still

    From all the promises he couldn't keep.

    All the lies, I heard him say.

    Are in my head and just won't fade.

    How can I forget him and, leave him behind?

    Or even, erase the memories from my mind.

    Especially when I realise the hard truth.

    He doesn't love me, and he never will.

    And sadly, he will never know,

    How I truly feel.

    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    Manipulative + Egotistical = Son of A...... U-Know-What!!

    Now I know you are not used to reading such titles from me.. Forgive my crude language but the anger and hot tears running down my cheeks as I type this blog post, could only produce these words. Love they say is blind but is it? I mean... is it really? Read on and then answer this ............

    Boy meets Girl... Boy tries to woo Girl for months. Boy finally wins Girl over. They both start dating. Then, Boy cheats on Girl after three months..

    Boy confesses to Girl and states that the person he cheated on Girl with is a good friend and things just happened.. Then Boy tells Girl that he still plans on hanging out with the SAME FRIEND he cheated on Girl with...

    Oh... Then Boy tells Girl that he loves her...
    Girl of course, is hurt and angry but feels things can be worked out..

    So Girl calls Boy up and says "We need to talk". Boy agrees and they schedule a meeting.

    Then Boy drops the bombshell.... "I think we need some space"
    Girl, very surprised (since she feels she should be the one asking for space) asks "For how long?"
    Boy answers.... "a month"

    Then Girl stupidly says "I can do a month".. As if that wasn't enough she asks "Do u love me?"

    Boy looks at her with no look of remorse as he says "I like you". Jesus H Christ!!!!

    Girl swallows her tears bravely and says ok. Thank you..... They part ways as Girl fights back the tears...

    Then Boy calls her after a few hours to say some crazy stuff...........
    I think i still love you and believe that you can be molded to be the kind of woman I'm looking for..... What the fuck?

    Oh.... It is then that Girl realises that this whole load of baloney has to do with sexual intimacy.... Its sad that Boy actually thinks he can manipulate Girl to forget her moral values and do shit she isn't prepared for, for the sake of love...

    Good things usually come to Boys who wait. But if charm doesn't work, never think that ultimatums will definitely make things happen.....

    Now, did I forget to say mention that this selfish Boy opened his mouth to say that Girl was not helping matters because he had a lot of girls throwing themselves at him.... Uggghhhh!!!

    Girl realises two things...
    1. The Boy she fell for is gone and a nasty devil has taken his place...
    2. And, since she is not going to allow herself to be used and dumped in the end, she's made a decision...

    Let him fly like a butterfly... If he returns, then they truly were meant to be.....

    Signed: The Teary-Eyed Diva

    Saturday, February 13, 2010


    Sup folks? Guess everyone is having a great weekend.. just had to share this video with everyone.. Hope you all have a great Valentine...... Enjoy this video...


    Friday, February 5, 2010

    Crazy Love.......

    Hey folks, hope you all having a great day.. Yayy... its Friday (which happens to be my birth day) but sadly, my weekend is gonna be so busy that I may not be able to have some fun.. :-(

    Anyways, since its the month of Love, here's a little something something that I wrote when I was thinking about my boo-boo. Hope you like it....

    It’s raining outside

    As I lay in my bed

    Dreaming and wishing

    That I was with you

    For I really miss you

    I remember how it felt

    To be in your arms

    Realised I never knew

    How sweet, love could be

    Till you kissed my lips

    I remember the experience

    Like it was yesterday

    Combine the finest of drinks

    And it wouldn’t taste the same

    I’ve never met a guy

    Quite like you

    You’ve taken my heart

    Plus the rest of my being too

    Like a modern day Adonis

    The charm still disarms me

    Everytime you smile

    Could keep writing lines

    Morning, noon till night

    But I’d rather keep it straight

    For the point’s already made

    Simply put baby,

    I’m crazy about you..

    P.S Have a great weekend and don't forget to get something nice for the special people in your life this Valentine.. It doesn't have to be the most expensive of gifts, just something from the heart...

    Love y'all....... Peace...


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