Thursday, October 29, 2009

Food Joints In Ghana: We Beg, The Monosodium Is Too Much!!!

Ghanaians are known for enjoying spicy meals. Yes..... we love our pepper soups and stews hot. And though most people feel embarassed to admit it,  there is a special bond that most Ghanaians share when it gets to our natural momonis, kakos, among other natural herbs and spices.  Aren't we delighted when we visit one-stop stalls stocked with all our spices in the markets? Yes we are!!!

Then, why do many eating places in Ghana choose to kill us slowly by literally pouring Monosodium Glutamate(MSG) into everything they prepare- from beans and kontonmire stews to plain rice??? I mean, there are so many alternatives one can use in place of that deadly substance, so why MSG????

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to go for a plate of plain rice and kontonmire stew from a respected restaurant in town. After taking a spoonful of the meal, I began to have severe palpitations; I tend to have that reaction when there is too much MSG in any food substance I ingest. The food also tasted of a combination of momoni and MSG that had gone down disaster lane...

Now why would anyone want to add MSG to a dish that already has a natural flavor enhancer such as momoni in it? Can you tell me?

The most annoying part of it all is that MSG has no nutrients and does not really make food taste great but rather,send signals to the brain to make us believe that the food we are eating actually tastes good.

For more information please visit this link MSG dangers.

If you use a lot of MSG in the form of cubes and the powder, please minimize the intake and if possible, exclude it totally from your spices list.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bisap a.k.a Sogbolo: Don't take this Highly Nutritious Drink For Granted!

Bisap, also known as Sogbolo in most parts of the country, is a very popular drink in Ghana. Sold mostly in plastic bags by women and children who roam about town screaming "sogbolo", this drink is usually drank cold.
However, most Ghanaians would rather drink a bottle of Coca Cola which contains no nutrients than take this highly nutritious drink because of the way it is packaged and sold. Maybe I should tell you guys what you are missing by not taking "Sogbolo"

From my research on  Bisap, my findings revealed the following:

  1. Bisap is rich in Vitamin C, which helps in the healing of wounds and also improves iron absorption from the gut. This in turn promotes red blood cell formation and prevents anaemia.

  2. It may have some anti-hypertensive properties. Hypertensive patients can also take it to control their blood pressure.

  3. Bisap is rich in antioxidants which help in neutralizing FREE RADICALS that are responsible for causing damage to our cells in the form of cancers.

So what are you waiting for? Bisap is far lower in calories than the Cokes, Fantas etc. Switch choices please..............

Oh!! And if you are worried about the source of water used in making this drink outside, then try making it at home. Its easy to prepare and the ingredients are more than affordable.

I hope you follow this recipe and enjoy the results of your decision.


2 cups dried hibiscus flowers (bissap) . For those who do not know what the flowers look like, check the pix.

1/2 teaspoon vanilla, rum or any  flavoring of your choice

sugar to taste (probably 1 to 2 cups; or sugar substitute)

5 cups of boiling water

  1. Bring the water to a boil. While it's heating, put the 2 cups of hibiscus flowers in a metal strainer in the sink and rinse them lightly with water to remove any sand or grit they might contain (the dried flowers bleed immediately, so make sure you keep the strainer in the sink).
  2. Put the rinsed flowers into the pot of boiling water and it boil for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Strain and let it sit for at least 4 hours.
  4. Then make your sugar syrup and add the flavoring.
  5. After both syrup and drink cool, mix and put in fridge to chill.

    And Voila!!! You are ready to savor this tasty delight.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Why Is It DIFFICULT To Lose Weight in Ghana?

 (Google pix)

Ever since I embarked on my weight loss journey in June, several things and people have tried to put me down. Its something that I have never been able to understand to this date. Losing weight in Ghana takes a lot of hard work and determination due to the following reasons:
  • There are lots of carbs in our staples- rice, cassava, yam, potato. etc.
  • Vegetables are very expensive here and one can't always eat kontonmire and light soup.
  • Our lifestyles usually leave us eating very late at night and going to bed afterwards.
Other reasons why it is difficult is because of the people we find around us. Its like some people just want you to fail. I mean, its not my fault is I have set a goal for myself and they haven't. Here are some of the annoying things that people do.

  1. They tell you to lose weight and later tell you there is nothing with drinking soda drinks which are high in empty calories. Where is that contradiction coming from?
  2. They buy pastries as presents for you instead of healthier options like fruits.
  3. They laugh in disbelief when you try to share your progress and achievements with them.
  4. Some even go to the extent of gossiping about you and cooking up reasons for your decision to lose weight such as, the love of your life left you for a slimmer babe or that you have personality issues. Imagine that!
 I remember one incident where I refused to eat the creamed salad that was added to my rice. A colleague of mine just started giving me looks and calling me a self conceited person for that. Is it by force to eat something I don't like? Eh?

Now I'm saying all these from personal experience. After losing 10kgs and hitting a plateau ( which i'm gonna break soon), I found a way to prevent the enemies of my progress from getting to me.

  1. I distanced myself from all those who only said negative things about my goals.
  2. I worked harder to prove to them that I could accomplish anything once I set my mind to do so.
  3. I talked to people who supported my decision to lose weight.
  4. I accepted the fact that people are always gonna try to pull you down no matter what.
Now, these can apply to you in other scenarios and not necessarily the one spelt out here. I'm sure that with these pointers, you can do absolutely anything.....

Today is Friday so, have a drink with friends after work to relax and enjoy the start of a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why I Worry About The Pure Water I Buy...........

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Two days ago, as my friend and I were chatting about our days back in school, one thing that got us laughing was the term "After you". Thanks to the previously popular Opanyin di Panyin ( Water bagged in transparent plastic bags), this term travelled far and wide. It was everywhere, particularly in schools. Those who couldn't buy their own bags could at least get some from a friend once they shouted "after you" before someone else did.

That was before the Pure Water craze began in early 2000. Now its absolutely everywhere. On every street and, at bus stations you will find either someone with an ice box, or a child with a basket on their head, stuffed with chilled bags of what is claimed to be purified water.

I quickly stopped the Opanyin di Panyin since I sometimes suspected that the water wasn't boiled and filtered before being bagged for sale. Here I was, so sure that this new bagged water could do no harm. After all, they were branded with a name, had the address of the producers and, even listed the mineral composition of the water. Oh! How naive could I have been?

The scales however, fell of my eyes and i saw how sickly twisted the minds of some Ghanaians who, would do anything for money, could be. By the way who introduced that poor imitation of the taste derived from water stored in the smoked earthenware pot? Not only does the water taste bad but, its like you can literally taste the smoke.. Aaargghh!

Some people do treat the water. True. But I can bet on my last cedi that the ones doing so wouldn't even constitute one percent of the total population of pure water producers. Some even go to the extent of putting the logo of the Ghana Standards Board on their bags when in actual fact, that water hasn't been tested at the labs of the Board. Isn't this something we should all be worried about?

Our lives are being endangered by quacks who bag any kind of water without the required filtering and purifying equipment. Maybe some of you should take a trip down the street behind Opeibea House. I hear we have a pure water and plantain chips production "company" there. Eiii! Da benn na ebe ye yei?

It wouldn't come as a surprise if i find out that my previous diarrhoeal attacks didn't occur from the beef sauce I've been consuming but rather, the so called pure water.

My dear friends, I leave you with this piece of advice. If you don't want to wonder whether the water you are drinking was bagged in a bath tub or near a gutter, please choose these brands for, we at least know their origins and, they haven't disappointed me, yet...........

  1. Ice Cool

  2. Voltic

  3. Aquasplash

  4. Bon Aqua

  5. Grafton

  6. Dasani

  7. Mobile Water

If they are any good ones that I've left out please feel free to include them...........

Sunday, October 18, 2009



Its amazing how babies behave. I came across this clip and thought "there's no way I'm leaving this site without sharing "

Seeing this clip made me realise how smart, funny and interesting babies could be. It also reminded me of my childhood; which my dad is always talking about. Apparently, I used to stand in my cot and take sips from his glass of beer when he wasn't looking, and then laugh hysterically as he playfully spanked my bottom. Hmm.... Great memory.

Anyway, I decided to talk about the funny things that I've seen babies do. Hope you enjoy.......

  1. They do the wrong things and try to extend their arms for a hug.
  2. They listen to music and dance perfectly to the beat.
  3. They pull at your bra when they see your breasts sre the same size as that of  mom's.
  4. They poo on themselves and put on this face which tells you they're uncomfortable.
  5. They pout their lips for kisses when they see women.
Do you know some of the funny things babies do? Please share............
Enjoy the day

Friday, October 16, 2009


So, as a friend and I were chatting about the much awaited Shirley Frimpong Manso flick, A Sting in the Tale (showing in November), I couldn't help but praise and criticize the director at the same time. Why??? The answer is simple.

Her scripts get you interested in the plot and keep you in suspense; which is a good thing. But, I think she should find ways of incorporating little things that would truly reflect the origins of the movie. Don't get me wrong; I loved the way she used Amakye Dede's music in the Perfect Picture and even had characters speaking a bit of Akan. But I feel there should be more of Ghana in Ghanaian movies.

I mean..... lets take cues from Kwaw Ansah whose Heritage Africa blew the whole African Continent away.... Not to talk of Love Brewed in an African Pot which I still haven't been able to acquire for my personal collection..

Now..... Proceeding to the main issue of discussion. Do you remember when the early Ghanaian movies of the 20th Century which combined humor as well as creativity? I do, and its not because GBC was the only thing we had at the time and there was no room for choices.It was because it was a true reflection of realities that occur in our society.

So, as i asked my mom to list her top 10 films of the 1990s, I was shocked and disappointed to find that she could only remember The Stab in the dark which starred Edinam Atatsi and Pascaline Edwards..... What happened to the rest?

Thus, I decided to list my top ten Ghanaian movies of the nineties. Movies that captivated many audiences in many Ghanaian homes before the Nigerian movie industry infiltrated and dominated our markets.

Here we go.............................................

  1. Cracked Illusion (1996) : This movie gave me an idea of what happens in boarding schools. After all, people always claim to be what they aren't and even hurt those close to them in the process. 

  2. Dangerous Game: I have only two words for this movie and Victor Lutterodt's role. Papa Ninja

  3. Escape to Love: We all loved Kwame Sefa Kayi in this love story.

  4. A Stab In The Dark: We all agree that this movie shot Pascaline Edwards to straight to stardom.

  5. Loving You: I can't call Commando Schwarzznegger, so I call him Schwaabanana...ha!

  6. Who killed Nancy: I'm always thankful for Monegram and Western Union na, ya bre pein...

  7. Justice: Who wouldn't commit murder when after going to prison for David Dontoh, he jilts you and takes your friend as his bride in your stead. I loved the tragic ending.

  8. You Can't Laugh: Sha La, Sha la la. Eshe wo sisim.... MacJordan Amartey really did his thing then....

  9. The Police Officer: What do you do when your family house is robbed, your father killed, sister raped, and younger brother crippled? The answer is simple; you join the police force to take revenge on the culprits. Ah! how I miss Brew Riverson Junior.

  10. And lastly, Out of Sight, Out of Love: My advice to men is that if you can't satisfy your wife sexually, travel abroad and come back rejuvenated or better still, let David Dontoh satisfy her needs... just kidding....

Well folks, these are my top ten. Can you tell me yours? Feel free to paste comments for thats the only way I learn and get better at this blogging business.....

Peace out!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am sure that u can relate to some of the things on my list.

Well, here it goes..........
  1. The touchpad mouse on laptops
  2. When I use my tigo to call an mtn or zain subscriber and the annoying lady says "the tigo number u have dialled cannot be reached at this moment"
  3. People who hawk and spit in front of others without even apologizing
  4. Computer viruses that come back even after your antivirus claims to have neutralised or deleted them.
  5. Power failures when you don't have your torchlight or candles nearby. And you end up hitting and bumping into things as you search for them.
  6. When hiplife artists use stupid phrases and senseless words so that their lyrics can rhyme.
  7. Troski mates who conveniently forget to give you change.
  8. Banking halls with so many empty teller booths.
  9. Ghanaian movies with characters named after foreign artists. Since when did we know that names such as Ciara, Rihaana and Beyonce even existed?
  10. When tv stations rudely interrupt programs or movies with ads
  11. TV ads which fail to show the benefits of a product's usage.
  12. Reckless troski drivers
  13. Spam
  14. When someone is about to tell you something then goes "never mind".
  15. People who take forever to respond to your instant messages on yahoo messenger and facebook.
  16. When you call the MTN hotline and follow the voice prompts only to have that annoying tone blaring into your eardrum before the call ends itself.
  17. Traffic caused by police officers who claim to be directing traffic.
  18. People who dont ensure that the toilet is clean after they have been there.
  19. People who talk loudly when they receive calls in the troski.
  20. Mechanics who take troskis in their dirty work clothes and end up making yours dirty before you even reach your destination.

Hmmm..... so many things piss me off. Maybe I would have to continue this list next time. Please do not hesitate to tell me the things that piss you off.

Hope you have a good day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have always been and will continue to be a fan of fashionable clothing. However, I don't think that we have to show our "cheeks" down below to prove that we do know the latest trends in the evolving fashion world.

The Westerners feel no shame in showing off different parts of their body in public. But when i see a Ghanaian following that which does not agree with our (Ghanaian) cultural standards, it saddens my heart.

These days, many young Ghanaian ladies, in their bid to show that they can look like people who shop in the foreign stores by going to Kantamanto,end up being subjects of public ridicule and ostracism by showing their body parts we wouldn’t like to see like that.

Since I always paste such articles based on real life scenarios, I would take the opportunity to share my experiences with relation to this subject.

I had just managed to secure a seat in a troski after a hectic day of shopping in the central busibness district of the capital when the crack show begun.

The lady, who wore a very short camisole and low waisted jeans, spent half of the journey trying to pull the top down ( as if she didn't know that was gonna happen). I smiled as I watched her try to cover her unattractively cheap nylon panties with the short top. Unfortunately when the bus reached her destination, in her haste to get down she dropped her coins and had to bend........... you can imagine the rest.

Now as I sat in another taxi heading towards my residence at Dome, I noticed three ladies sitting in front of a kiosk with their backs towards the road and guess what; all three were giving a live show of butt cleavage... Eiiii!!!! The taxi driver who couldnt stand the sight screamed at them in Twi " Ad3n? Mo nim s3 mo tromu go ho? Me dea mon kata adie tantan na mo di tshree ye" Forgive my poor writing of the language..

I then burst into laughter as the driver continued complaining about how these days young ladies who usually have bad skin tend to show their cracks and leave the men with sour tastes in their mouths any time they had to eat fufu at the chop bars ( u know they usually divide the fufu into two)..

But on a serious note, I asked myself these questions as I got off the taxi:

1. Are these ladies intentionally showing off their butt cracks?
2. What do they aim to achieve by doing so if it is intentional?
3. Don't they realise that it automatically gives them negative images?

Maybe you can answer these questions for me. Sorry for not putting up an image but i feel it would be in bad taste and I respect my readers so much.

If you are into the butt crack thing, then all i have to say is:

WE DON'T WANT NO CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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