Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Biting Pastor.....

I'm trying so hard to stop myself from exploding as I type this post. Gosh! I'm laughing so hard that my ribs actually hurt. My sister just narrated one of the most bizarre yet funny incidents I've ever heard of.

Apparently our next door neighbour visited my parents clinic to request for a tetanus shot. The reason for this, wait for it.... She was bitten by a pastor. Yes, a pastor oo...

This lady whom, on recommendation from a friend,  felt this pastor could heal her hurting knee decided to give him a try. Now, as they were praying all the woman noticed was that the man was bending his head towards her knee and before she could say Amen, the pastor had taken a bite of her fleshy knees.

Was the pastor desperate to perform a miracle? Or did he have a special agenda?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

If Only?

It probably wasn't until I started puting on weight that I started to see how men see the world, how they check out women's bodies. Anytime I spot an attractive lady walking around, I look at all the men around. It's amazing, men who are alone or with other men look brazenly. Even men who are with women  look.

Anyway, last week I was talking with a male friend when this gorgeous lady in high heels struts her stuff past us, I turned and realised - everyone was staring at her. Even my friend. Now, when I told him to stop looking at her all he said was "Afua, you are a pretty girl but you would be getting these kind of stares if only, you would lose some pounds". To say I felt wounded would be putting it lightly...  I guess he realised that what he said hurt me so he apologised but hey, we already know what he was thinking...

So, as I posted my weight change on my weight loss blog, I asked myself, do all guys look at me and think the same thing? Hmmm... If only....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Culinary Delights.....

Hey guys! How many of you love to cook? As a serious foodie, I decided to share my passion with you guys. I therefore created a blog where I could share my own recipes and recipes I've discovered with you food lovers out there.

I'm sure you will love the Spicy Vegetable Rice Recipe that I prepared this evening. Anyhoo, come visit me at Culinary Delights soon.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Accra Traffic: Will It Go Away?

The traffic in the capital these days is nothing to write home about. It's so bad that getting a vehicle from one part of the city to another has become a problem. Even the taxi drivers are refusing to convey people to certain parts that are believed to be more affected by this menace.

This morning I stood at the bus stop for about 45 minutes and still couldn't get a vehicle to Madina. In the end, I had to charter a taxi to work. For how long can one continue like this. I can't spend GH¢20 for transportation alone on a daily basis oh!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stealing On The Third Day?

Unbelievable! That was all I could say when I found out that the new househelp had stolen my mom's cell phone. And she hasn't even been here for a week.

Yesterday she stole food and lied about it, . And now this... Talk about extremely sticky fingers....

I would have thought that she would try to create a good impression for a few months before showing her true colours but I guess, she just couldn't suppress the urge to steal.....

We have gathered all the evidence and right now my mom's contemplating the next step.  I even intentionally asked the girl if the phone was hers and she confidently answered in the affirmative.  I just don't understand it, she is treated in the same way we are all treated but she just had to blow it.

Why did this even have to happen today? With this malaria and the fact that I hate the way the Artesunate Amodiaquine is making me drowsy. Sigh!

Anyway, how do you think this issue should be handled? Do we threaten to send her to the police so she confesses or, do we just send her packing?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Walking indolently on a quiet street
I listen to sad love songs
As flashbacks of the times we’ve had
Remind me of the emptiness I feel
Now that you are not around

There was a time in the past
When I was yours
And you were mine
Together we were like beautiful music
Each note perfectly in place

Words can’t describe what it felt like
To have you kiss away all the sad tears
And crack little teasing jokes
Till you saw me struggle to hide my smile
Oh! the feeling was sublime.

Through the good and the bad
I’d been so glad to be with you
But now you’re gone
Leaving nothing but wishes and unfulfilled dreams
And the smell of your cologne
On every sheet I own

I know I should leave you in the past
And move on with my life
But it’ll take time
To control these feelings of you……

Sometimes I think of you and sigh……
If only I could have you hold me
Through the cold and rainy night
I would wake up to a morning
That is warm and bright.
But sadly, all I can do is wish…..

Friday, October 1, 2010

Intoxicating Love……

I can’t pretend that I’m not feeling
This strong passion, so consuming
One look at you is all its taking
To disrupt the rhythmic sound of my heart beating
It's dangerous but still,
I’m falling…

My friends keep warning me
A guy like you is toxic.
But all I long for is to be intoxicated
By the taste of your lips
As they land on mine….
I don’t need to imagine
That they’d taste like wine
From the sweetest vineyards of all time……

I can’t do this
Not anymore…..
Lines are one thing, actions another
I believe the saying is…
Less is more...
Be mine.. cus more is in store….


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