Friday, August 21, 2009


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Hello folks,

Its the start of the weekend and i hope you are all as excited as i am. The last time, i gave you my experiences on the troski on my way to work. Little did i now that i would have a sequel to that story.
Yesterday as i boarded the trotro, i looked around as i asked myself:"what should i talk about today?" In less than two minutes, the trotro mate did something that i felt was worth mentioning here.

Have you ever heard of a mate getting drunk at as early 6am? Yes, that early.................................

As i sat in the trotro (as he shouted "Haatso, Madina" )wondering why this mate was reeking of alcohol, i heard someone hail the trotro.

The mate ignored him and asked the driver to continue. At this point, i became confused. Wasn't this mate prepared to make money? The prospective passenger who was offended asked him in Akan "Mate e dien life no no?".
The mate, who was offended by that question refused to let the gentleman board the vehicle. Instead he stood at the point of entry and said in a gruff voice "car na ye ma" which means that there was no available seat. But the funny part was that there were only two people in the vehicle, myself included.

The lady beside me burst into laughter as i tried so hard not to laugh.

Now, the driver who had been quiet all his while got angry and asked the mate to quit the nonsense as the passengers were the main reason why they were on the road. What happened next was something i have never seen in all my years of being a trotro passenger; the mate got angry and asked the driver to take his place. What made it funny was what he said a few minutes later.

"Massa, eye edwuma na yee ye. Enye sa anka wo ti pein ne me anaa?" I am sure you know what happened next. Yours truly, the driver as well as the other passengers had a good laugh at the mate's expense. He only ended up looking foolish in the trotro.

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed today's tale. Enjoy the weekend but don't overchill. Till Monday its ............................



  1. you will be surprised the number of people who drink as early a 6am

    but i have a Car na y3 ma story.
    I was boarding a car from the 37 area to east-legon.
    so i sat in the troski and a few mins later the mate comes up to me a says Car na y3 ma and i'm like aah. if the car is full why are you still calling out for passengers. till this date i dont really understand

  2. @ Bonti: I know the feeling. The annoying part is when the troski is moving and the mate is signalling you to chase after it. What the heck? Its as if I would rather hurt myself struggling for a troski than spend a few more minutes waiting for a safer ride..


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