Monday, March 8, 2010

Holiday Secrets

A friend asked me to share a few secrets today. I agreed so here we go.... Are you Ready?

I have never had sex before but I'm sure of one thing: When I do, it will definitely be full of laughter (just like when I had my first kiss) lol!!

I happen to be a very shy person when it comes to intimacy but when I get comfortable, the feisty and naughty but sensual seductress in me awakens...... Oh yes...

Anyhoo, I've shared enough secrets for today... Do you have any to share? Please feel free........

Have a wonderful day...


  1. Ahhh, that is funny. Do I have any secrets, if I tell it ceases to be a secret, right? LOL...

  2. @ Myne: Lol!! Come on... I'm curious to know something. Do tell one.. please.....

  3. Ok, I'll contribute to the dialogue. Here's my secret: most times when I see a woman, I see her legs first and work my way up. It's not like I undress them or anything. I'm just a stickler for sexy legs and proportion ;-)


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