Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Names Parents Give.....

Sometimes we hear unique names that beg the question, "Why would anyone want to name his/her child by that name?" When you are looking for copywriting material, being inquisitive is inevitable.

Last week as I was heading out of the office, I heard the graphic designer teasing the receptionist. Since we all love worrying the sweet lady, I inquired about the teasing topic. "Do you know the name of Faustina's (the receptionist) son? I was like Kwabena. Then the graphic designer goes like "his middle name".

It was then that I realised it would be something unique so I urged her on. Then it came. Wait for it.... Please be patient now... Habakkuk. Haba-what?  Of all the simple names in the Bible, it had to be this one?

I now call her Mama Haba... Haba is short for Habakkuk.


  1. bahaha lol, I think people believe that naming a child so uniquely, will surely make them stand out. They forget the teasing and bullying that ensues. hehe Mama Haba lmao!

  2. some Kenyan Athlete named his kid Helsinki because he was running in the winter olympics in norway when the boy was born. Imagine how other kinds will call him - Hells? Sink? HelsTinky?

  3. You have earned an award from me. Please check


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