Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Obsession with Size!

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All women want to be between a size 0 to 6, but if wishes were horses.... right? Anyways, my current obsession with perfumes and bags took me to a boutique situated at East Legon yesterday afternoon. Fashion heaven was all I said to myself as I saw clothes that actually accomodated my size - something many plus size Ghanaian women would really appreciate.

Is that why I just couldn't understand why a woman who was way bigger than me kept insisting that she wore a size 14, even when the sales attendants told her she was a size 24? You should have seen the dress and the individual. It was way beyond hilarity. This made me wonder, why bother about the size that has been tagged on the dress. Isn't fashion all about looking good in the clothes you wear? After all, people from different parts of the world base sizes on the average size of their people. I'm quite sure that a UK size 14 may be way bigger than a China version.

Why show the world the rolls, bumps and layers when you can actually find comfortable clothing that make you look sexy, just because you want to fit yourself in one size category? Seriously, do people have to lay on the bed before they can put their jeans on or peel them off?

In the end, all we want is to look good in the clothes we wear, even if it is a size 100!


  1. Awwww the lady was in serious denial.
    Maybe she meant Samoa size 14.

  2. looooooool at Samoa size 14! I LOVE IT!!!

  3. lol @ Samoa size 14. I am guilty of this though. I refuse to buy clothes beyond a certain size even at the risk of discomfort and although in a way, this has been a check on my weight ceiling, I must confess I have passed one or two full-length mirrors and gone 'whoa! at how forced into my clothes I look. *promises self to put comfort above all else*

  4. enyo where is this place o. i want to go there.


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