Friday, September 30, 2011

Crazy Gym Members!

Don't you just hate it when people act like they are the only ones who need to use the gym equipment? I mean, what's with the whole possessive attitude? Who uses the treadmill for 65minutes when there are others waiting in line to use it? It gets more irritating when the one using it isn't jogging/brisk walking but rather doing a very lazy walk on the machine. Jeez!

I'm usually the first one at the gym in the mornings so I get to use whatever I want. My evening sessions at the gym are however irritating. There is this particular lady who can be on the treadmill for more than an hour; like all the pounds would instantly disappear because she is walking at a slow pace for two hours. The first time it happened I asked the trainer whether there was no time limit for the use of machines. All he could say was that he believed the courteous members were smart enough to know that a packed gym meant no more than 40minutes on a particular gym equipment. Ha! Did he say courteous?Very funny!

Today's weight lifting session was equally irritating. Some people just refuse to wipe their sweat off the barbells when they are done. Abaa! Who says I want to share excretory waste with others? Na waa oo. Anyways, I'm not quitting the gym yet since my trainer offers me the two things I need, motivation and drilling but fun workouts.

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  1. The Gym should educate all its members about the timings of the equipments which one can utilize.


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