Friday, January 13, 2012

University English?

Yesterday a friend tagged me in one of his photos on facebook and what I saw shocked and saddened me. The first question I asked was "How do you mark a script like this?" The second was, "How did this person get into the University in the first place?"

See for yourselves.........
Kind courtesy of Dennis-Brook on facebook. Thanks.


  1. Money talks.
    See, this is a student of a private university. If you got the money, obviously you can afford to be educated in a private university. It's not just about how qualified you are to enter that university. Here, it is more about how much money you got to afford being educated in that university. These days, people don't bother themselves too much with writing remedials since there are tons of private universities to admit them if they are not qualified to enter the public universities. Unfortunately, these ones are giving a bad name to private university education because there are some good ones who go there just because the public universities are choked.
    smh, the less said about what our university education system is becoming, the better.

  2. Lol..
    I don't envy his lecturers..


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