Saturday, November 3, 2012

Is Born Starz on Viasat 1 Offering Humiliation & Disrespect as Entertainment?

In recent years a lot of reality shows have hit the TV screens in our homes. We have all watched episodes of Mentor, Stars of the Future, Next Movie Star, Talented Kids and all the beauty pageants that have been aired on various channels. Some of these television shows unearthed the talents of many of our stars such as Irene Logan, Efya, Lydia Forson, Martha Ankomah, Yvonne Nelson among several others. It is for this reason that I personally applaud those that help the youth to reach their full potential.

I have been a giant, devout, shameless fan of every singing competition. It’s refreshing to hear Ghanaians who can sing any song effortlessly. I also love watching the auditions because I get to laugh at those who want to at least get their 15-30 seconds of fame even when it is very obvious that they won’t go beyond their first audition. Yes, I do believe that’s an extension of Schadenfreude, a German word used to describe people's delight and entertainment at the failings and problems of others. However, what I can’t accept is when the people who are acting as judges humiliate these contestants so badly that even viewers at home cringe.

Two nights ago I happened to be watching a Born Starz on Viasat 1. This show is supposed to be aimed at unearthing and developing skills and talents from individuals and groups from all walks of life. I also heard that there are no age restrictions and talent barrier, the show gives the public an equal opportunity to exhibit their unique abilities.

So, imagine my shock when after one contestant tried to show his “unique” ability by performing what I’m sure he thought was a good rap, the youngest judge, David Oscar who is the host of "Laugh A Minute"; one of the worst comedy shows I’ve ever come across on that same television station, just looked at the guy and said “Get out!!!”. That wasn’t all; he made rude remarks to a lot of other contestants after that.

I don’t think that these wannabes leave their homes to be insulted and humiliated on national or even cable television. If they are awful, just tell them politely. I think that rejection is enough humiliation but outright disrespect/impoliteness is an absolute NO. For crying out loud, if these contestants were professionals, they wouldn't even come auditioning on the show!

What about you guys? What is your take on this issue? Do you think that the behaviour of some of these judges is justifiable? Do these contestants really deserve disrespect just because they could not make these judges laugh with their jokes or impress with their vocal ability? Share your views....


  1. Completely agree! There is no need to insult and be unnecessarily rude!Ah David Oscar of all people?! insulting someone else's talent? aaaaah!! abufusem!
    Anyway, always nice reading your blogs! Keep up the great work!

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  2. Now thats just sad. But thats reality TV. Calm is boring. Outrageous behaviour inflates ratings.
    But then, karma is something. When the mean ones fall, they fall hard! And of course, all those they trampled on will be there to watch.

  3. well i see that guy(David) to be unprofessional because his judgement towards many contestants is very rude and i seriously think he over re-acting or trying to copy other renowned Judges....but it still does not make him better than others. I LOVE THE OHTER JUDGES coz they judge properly. thumb up for your blog.


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