Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Gutters Are WCs At Dawn.

It is one thing to see people pouring urine and the other stuff in gutters at dawn, but when you see grown ups who should know better actually squatting and s****ing in the gutter.... SMH.

This morning as my Dad and I went for our usual jog/brisk walk, we couldn't help but comment on the pungent smell emanating from the gutter as we jogged along the street. It was a combination of remnants of the previous day's washed dishes and food particles from food vendors and, the usual human waste.

Now, my Dad always carries a flashlight during our dawn sessions since we usually have to walk on a rough path at some points and the street lights aren't in abundance. This is his way of ensuring that he does not trip over stray dogs, stones etc. Anyway, back to the main story. Yes, so my Dad and I were heading back home when we heard some unusual movement. Of course, my Dad turns on his flashlight and that's when we see this squatting and doing his own thing in the gutter.

To say I was surprised would be putting it lightly. Seriously, that street was a very busy one, even at 4:30am. The guy wasn't even bothered that we had seen him. he just went ahead and did his thing. At that point I was wishing that some creature would just bite him in the a$$! Will this same guy be surprised if after eating at the chop bar that was directly opposite the gutter, he had a serious bout of gastroenteritis? 

God help us!

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