Tuesday, September 29, 2009


For the last two months, the main topic of my prayers before I leave the house for church on Sundays has always been about the people I sit next to. Yes, I said the people I sit next to. I’m sure by now you know what I’m getting at but, let me start with a story.

Two months ago, as I entered the fully air conditioned premises of my church at North Industrial Area, looking forward to a great sermon by my pastor (who by the way, cracks the best jokes ever), I didn’t realize that the sermon was going to be a “scented” one for me.

So, I took my seat beside this neatly dressed gentleman and immediately realized my mistake. The kind of perfume that was emanating from his armpits had the distinctive smell of stale sweat combined with a cheap brand of perfume that had probably failed to do the trick (disguise the awful smell). I thought….. great. I have to take two and a half hours of this.

Well guess what? I was totally wrong. Not only did he keep raising his hands unnecessarily throughout the sermon, he decided to give a double dose by opening his mouth and shouting each time he felt “moved by the sermon or, holy spirit”… Ewurade!!!!!

Think about the Korle Lagoon to have a fair idea of what I’m talking about. And don’t even for a moment think “this is just a story.” It is totally and completely true.
So, the service ended with me going home with nothing other than a severe headache (I couldn’t enjoy the service since I kept praying for it to be over).

But seriously, how can people not know that they smell bad? Can’t they examine themselves or ask friends to do so for them?

This story is just one of many that show the experiences that people go through because of others’ ignorance. Can you believe that I don’t take the Metro Mass Buses as a result of a similar experience? (The culprit, who wore a sleeveless blouse, raised her arms to hold a pole for balance and gave us the scent of hell…). Eyee asem oo.
It’s true that nobody is perfect. We all sweat. However, there are a few ways to avoid bad body and oral odour.

Bath regularly
Shave armpits
Please use deodorants that are anti-perspirants. They reduce sweat and mask unpleasant smells.
Try not to sweat too much if you do so easily.
Don’t wear the previous day’s clothes. No matter how clean they are, they will still have the smell of the previous day’s sweat in them.

Brush your teeth frequently.
Use mouthwash if you have to and don’t forget the PKs and other minted gums (They shall never fail you)!!!!

Follow these tips and remember, You have the right to smell heavenly!!!!!


  1. "The culprit, who wore a sleeveless blouse, raised her arms to hold a pole for balance and gave us the scent of hell" HA! too funny! Great post!

  2. @ Tye: Thanks dear... Believe me when I say it was horrible...


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