Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have always been and will continue to be a fan of fashionable clothing. However, I don't think that we have to show our "cheeks" down below to prove that we do know the latest trends in the evolving fashion world.

The Westerners feel no shame in showing off different parts of their body in public. But when i see a Ghanaian following that which does not agree with our (Ghanaian) cultural standards, it saddens my heart.

These days, many young Ghanaian ladies, in their bid to show that they can look like people who shop in the foreign stores by going to Kantamanto,end up being subjects of public ridicule and ostracism by showing their body parts we wouldn’t like to see like that.

Since I always paste such articles based on real life scenarios, I would take the opportunity to share my experiences with relation to this subject.

I had just managed to secure a seat in a troski after a hectic day of shopping in the central busibness district of the capital when the crack show begun.

The lady, who wore a very short camisole and low waisted jeans, spent half of the journey trying to pull the top down ( as if she didn't know that was gonna happen). I smiled as I watched her try to cover her unattractively cheap nylon panties with the short top. Unfortunately when the bus reached her destination, in her haste to get down she dropped her coins and had to bend........... you can imagine the rest.

Now as I sat in another taxi heading towards my residence at Dome, I noticed three ladies sitting in front of a kiosk with their backs towards the road and guess what; all three were giving a live show of butt cleavage... Eiiii!!!! The taxi driver who couldnt stand the sight screamed at them in Twi " Ad3n? Mo nim s3 mo tromu go ho? Me dea mon kata adie tantan na mo di tshree ye" Forgive my poor writing of the language..

I then burst into laughter as the driver continued complaining about how these days young ladies who usually have bad skin tend to show their cracks and leave the men with sour tastes in their mouths any time they had to eat fufu at the chop bars ( u know they usually divide the fufu into two)..

But on a serious note, I asked myself these questions as I got off the taxi:

1. Are these ladies intentionally showing off their butt cracks?
2. What do they aim to achieve by doing so if it is intentional?
3. Don't they realise that it automatically gives them negative images?

Maybe you can answer these questions for me. Sorry for not putting up an image but i feel it would be in bad taste and I respect my readers so much.

If you are into the butt crack thing, then all i have to say is:

WE DON'T WANT NO CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. My sister, its very good you've always noticed this indecent act from our ladies. What in the name do they call that at all? Is that also fashion? Hmmm.. I wonder, sef..!!! I'm wondering, what will happen if the gov't introduces a law that check on dressing. Many of our ladies would thumb down on it because they would not like the idea at all. Anyway, I like your post. Keep it up...!!!


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