Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Manipulative + Egotistical = Son of A...... U-Know-What!!

Now I know you are not used to reading such titles from me.. Forgive my crude language but the anger and hot tears running down my cheeks as I type this blog post, could only produce these words. Love they say is blind but is it? I mean... is it really? Read on and then answer this ............

Boy meets Girl... Boy tries to woo Girl for months. Boy finally wins Girl over. They both start dating. Then, Boy cheats on Girl after three months..

Boy confesses to Girl and states that the person he cheated on Girl with is a good friend and things just happened.. Then Boy tells Girl that he still plans on hanging out with the SAME FRIEND he cheated on Girl with...

Oh... Then Boy tells Girl that he loves her...
Girl of course, is hurt and angry but feels things can be worked out..

So Girl calls Boy up and says "We need to talk". Boy agrees and they schedule a meeting.

Then Boy drops the bombshell.... "I think we need some space"
Girl, very surprised (since she feels she should be the one asking for space) asks "For how long?"
Boy answers.... "a month"

Then Girl stupidly says "I can do a month".. As if that wasn't enough she asks "Do u love me?"

Boy looks at her with no look of remorse as he says "I like you". Jesus H Christ!!!!

Girl swallows her tears bravely and says ok. Thank you..... They part ways as Girl fights back the tears...

Then Boy calls her after a few hours to say some crazy stuff...........
I think i still love you and believe that you can be molded to be the kind of woman I'm looking for..... What the fuck?

Oh.... It is then that Girl realises that this whole load of baloney has to do with sexual intimacy.... Its sad that Boy actually thinks he can manipulate Girl to forget her moral values and do shit she isn't prepared for, for the sake of love...

Good things usually come to Boys who wait. But if charm doesn't work, never think that ultimatums will definitely make things happen.....

Now, did I forget to say mention that this selfish Boy opened his mouth to say that Girl was not helping matters because he had a lot of girls throwing themselves at him.... Uggghhhh!!!

Girl realises two things...
1. The Boy she fell for is gone and a nasty devil has taken his place...
2. And, since she is not going to allow herself to be used and dumped in the end, she's made a decision...

Let him fly like a butterfly... If he returns, then they truly were meant to be.....

Signed: The Teary-Eyed Diva


  1. The problem is immaturity... which comes across as an inability to differentiate between love and lust.
    Love is selfless. Lust is pure selfishness.

  2. @ Posekyere: Well said my man.. Well said. That's exactly what Girl thought...

  3. Boy is pathetic, and Girl can surely do better for herself..."he had a lot of girls throwing themselves at him" Ha! Shyous Boy!

  4. Don't take him back even if he wants to come back. The fact that he cheated on you and then tried to emotionally manipulate you into doing something he knew you weren't ready for is a sign that 1. he doesn't respect you 2. he's dishonest. He is not the only man in the world. There are millions more men out there. You made the right decision. And yes, unfortunately, I'm speaking from experience.

  5. Boy is foolish. Girl deserves better.

  6. Well its a good thing girl let boy go. Coz if girl held on to him, after all the crap boy said, girl would end up being dumped after boy gets whatever he's looking for.

  7. @ Tye: U have no idea how glad I am to see you in the blogosphere Jo.. He is a shyous boy who probably doesn't know what he wants yet...

    @ Anonymous: I totally agree with you my dear...

    @ Kekeli: Hmmm..... Girl knows she deserves better... But there is a part of her that misses Boy.

    @ BONTI: Where have you been man? If you stay away for too long I may have to send you a query email... lol!! But you are so right on this one man...

    Thank you all for commenting.. Its nice to know that we all share the same views on this matter.. Cheers..

  8. @Enyonam, you'll stop missing him soon enough. If I had decided to be with my last boyfriend who cheated on me, I would be dealing with a child that he fathered when we were still together. Oh yea and he slept with other women too. It's just not worth it.

  9. • Let me quickly tell girl, that she should pray he doesn’t come back, this kind of guy should fly away for good. Why would girl want to take back a guy that cheated and is not even remorseful and wants to mould her into his kind of woman..oh pls! does girl have self esteem issues? I realize this post is old so I hope girl is not entertaining thoughts of reconciliation anymore. I know heartbreak hurts, but time heals all, trust me, been there and done that

  10. @ doll: Thanks gal for your wise words. Girl has accepted her loss and has moved on. The pain is still there but its much better than before..

  11. I know this is real & serious but the way you tell it .... cant stop laughing.
    You write very well. I dig.

  12. @ Mike: Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by. I can understand why you're laughing. Heck! I read the post right now and couldn't help but smile. I guess what they say about time healing wounds may be true...


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