Friday, February 5, 2010

Crazy Love.......

Hey folks, hope you all having a great day.. Yayy... its Friday (which happens to be my birth day) but sadly, my weekend is gonna be so busy that I may not be able to have some fun.. :-(

Anyways, since its the month of Love, here's a little something something that I wrote when I was thinking about my boo-boo. Hope you like it....

It’s raining outside

As I lay in my bed

Dreaming and wishing

That I was with you

For I really miss you

I remember how it felt

To be in your arms

Realised I never knew

How sweet, love could be

Till you kissed my lips

I remember the experience

Like it was yesterday

Combine the finest of drinks

And it wouldn’t taste the same

I’ve never met a guy

Quite like you

You’ve taken my heart

Plus the rest of my being too

Like a modern day Adonis

The charm still disarms me

Everytime you smile

Could keep writing lines

Morning, noon till night

But I’d rather keep it straight

For the point’s already made

Simply put baby,

I’m crazy about you..

P.S Have a great weekend and don't forget to get something nice for the special people in your life this Valentine.. It doesn't have to be the most expensive of gifts, just something from the heart...

Love y'all....... Peace...


  1. Happy birthday girl, may all your heart desires come true, God bless you.

    I enjoyed your poem, i'm sure boo will like it too.

  2. Happy late birthday. The poem's really emotive in a good way.. :-)

  3. Oh ladies.... I sent the wrong message. I meant birth day as in Friday born... Forgive me...

    But I'm glad you like the poem..

  4. Hahahahah lol!!! very funny.. lUv the poem.. so when is the actual B'Day

  5. @ Bonti: Glad you like it.. The actual B'day is in April..

  6. wow!!! my B'day is in april too!!!


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