Friday, April 23, 2010


Its been a month, eights days and 2 hrs since

My heart snapped into fragmented pieces

For the third time

I remember how things used to be

Back when it all started

You used to look at my cleavage with lustful eyes

And laugh when I caught you staring

Then you would look at me with a tender loving gaze

Before you'd have me cuddled up in your arms

But then you suddenly found it difficult

To even say you care

The romantic gestures you once showed

Vanished, like wisps of smoke into thin air

I longed to hear those three short words

But you just didn’t understand me

Or did you simply refuse to say them,

So you could have the upper hand?

Talking about my weight became your anthem

I thought you cared but the criticism continued

Don't even try to explain

Cus I ain't taking it personal

I finally saw what the real deal was

Oh yes, I found you out

So, you are intimidated

By my capability..........

It took me a while to figure it out

And boy, it sure feels good to know

That you lost me as a result of

Your Insecurity....


I spoke my mind... Now it's your turn..


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