Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bruised But Not Broken..........

Last night as I listened to Joss Stone's Introducing Joss Stone album, the soulful music made me relax and reflect on my love life.. Last year and the first few months of this year has been a rollercoaster ride between emotional bliss and heartbreak hell......

See... I'm what many people call a hopeless romantic. I try so hard to be careful and yet when I fall in love I stop myself from being safe and that's when the problems start, its as if I'm not supposed to let guys know how I feel... Since the moment they realise how much I care, then they start taking me for granted....

Anyway, last year when an undeserving, ungrateful opportunist broke my heart, I snapped.. I began to ask if something was wrong with me, was it because I was fat (I'm a size 16-18)? Is it because I let my feelings show? Am I too emotional? Am I unattractive?

So, the first thing I did was go a diet and exercise regimen and,  my hard work was rewarded by a weight loss of 10kg... It was then that I realised I was doing it for myself since exercising made me happy and got my mind off things. Oh!!! and when I felt lazy, all I needed to motivate myself was the size 14 jeans that I want so badly to wear by December..

Then I met someone else, who of course raised my hopes only to bring them crashing down.... I cried a few tears, couldn't eat for days and couldn't concentrate at work.... That was when a friend sat me down and said..... "Enyo, when you love yourself 100%, you won't give a shit about being loved by someone else"

And then it was Joss Stone's clearly sung lyrics that suddenly got me back into action.....

And i'll be alright
And i'll love again
And the wounds will mend
I'm bruised but not broken
And the pain will fade
I'll overcome my fear
Its not the end of me
My heart is still open now
I'm bruised but not broken....

Indeed, I am bruised... But I'll be damned if I allow some guy to break me...

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  1. That's the spirit girl! We may fall but we must rise always. All the best OK?


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