Saturday, May 15, 2010

Confession Of Love…..

Sitting in a dark room
Thinking of lines to express
Feelings that I can’t repress
I close my eyes and sigh
As thoughts of you give me an unexplained high

Since the day we met
The calls and txts, though infrequent
Made my heart stop every time
Your name appeared as Caller ID
We would talk for hours and hours
With me smiling and blushing on the other end

That’s when I knew
That it was you and you alone
Cos what we have is uniquely sweet
And pleasantly unrefined
Yeah yeah yeah.... I confess
Listening to that Luther CD
Made me realize.....

One thing that I can’t deny
Is that my red heart goes blue
Like the cold ocean
When I’m not with you
See baby... its true
I’m so in love with you


  1. Dera Enyonam, I am curious about this "... what we have is uniquely sweet And pleasantly unrefined".
    Can I have some of that from you, please?

  2. wat happened to "on the journey towards purification" :-( ...really touching.. i think i have something in my eye coz i can't stop crying.

  3. @ Posekyere: Gimme a call and we'll work something out... ;-)

    @ Bonti: Oh Charley, my dietitian found out about it and went into a screaming frenzy... Told me to eat healthy and not deprive myself of the necessary nutrinets in carbs and protein... So I just decided to pull that post out.. forgive me darling......
    Anyhoo... I'm glad I could bring out your soft side... ;-)...


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