Thursday, May 27, 2010


I never thought that

I would feel this different

And I never thought your touch

Would make my senses different

As I try to fathom out what this feelings mean

I hear your voice whisper gently in my ears

“Baby this time things would be different”

Is that why my temperature seems to rise

When your warm hand caresses my cheek?

Or when you tell me my kind

Is an endangered species that must be handled with care?

Or when you hold me carefully

Like a precious commodity not found

In any marketplace?

(Sigh) the tears well up in my eyes now

As you look at me with tender yet surprised eyes

Failing to realize that you blow my mind each second

With the one feeling no one has ever shown me

To a magnitude such as this.

So my conclusion only makes sense.

Now I’m not afraid to let go

And experience this thing we call love

One more time………

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