Thursday, April 25, 2013

Making My Blue Heart Red Again.

When we first met, I didn't think it possible 
My heart, so cold was frozen by the past hurt 
It was kept under lock and key 
But with all the strength I had 
I couldn't fight the feeling deep within 

I tried not to think of you 
To tell myself that what I felt was a mistake 
That I was fine being all by myself 
A lie, even I could not convince myself was true 

I see you and a unique kind of warmth just captures my whole being 
I battle with my feelings as I try to keep you from making my blue heart red again 
For I am afraid you will hurt me 
Afraid my heart will freeze again and the numbness worse than before 

I told myself "don't love him for you will only get hurt" 
Then i closed my eyes and there you were 
Reminding me of all the things I feel 

I'm tired of holding back. 
My longing for you overcame my fear 
Your gentle touch conquered my defenses 
And when you held me in your arms and said you loved me 
The glacier in my heart began to melt 
As the warmth of your love filled my soul.

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