Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Question Of Love

This is something I wrote on a not-so-great day.Yep.. my heart got broken. Hope you like it though..

I sometimes ask myself
Questions I never answer
But this has been consistent
In being real insistent
Why do I give my love
When it won't be given back

Is he just a dream
I'm hoping will come true?
Or is it the look he gives
That sends my pulse racing?

His pics are everywhere
The smiles still damn enchanting
I try to comprehend
Why the hell didn't we just happen!

I guess my mom was right
The truth indeed is bitter
But love not reciprocated
Begins a tragic moment


  1. Owww wen love is a one way traffic, it best to let it go. Holding on is more painful.

  2. @ Lucci: I know girl.I know.. That's why I let go a long time ago... New love comes only when you rid yourself of the old hurt..

  3. For starters..I LIKE IT!!! For the main course- true love's so difficult to come by nowadays..ah the suffering.
    For dessert- Yeah..let go of the old and usher in the new.. :-)

  4. @ Nita: Yayy!!! I'm glad you liked it.. Came from within you know.. And you are so right oo... The old shall pass away.... :-)

  5. Ah, that one sided love thing is a real pain in the ass jare! drop it like its hot!


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