Monday, September 20, 2010

Home Based Enterprises’ Ridiculous Pricing.

Yesterday evening I decided to prepare some jollof rice for work today since, getting a decent meal at Botwe can be a problem sometimes. So, I send the houseboy to buy a can of Exeter corned beef and the two bottles of Malta Guiness that my Mom requested for with a crisp GH¢10 note.

The guy comes back 5 minutes later and says that the corned beef was being sold for GH¢6. What? These people added GH¢2 to the market selling price (GH¢4) as their profit. I quickly told him to send the corned beef back for a REFUND. That was when my Mom gave me the details of the Home Based Enterprises’ (HBE) Price List.


Item Market Price HBE Price
A tin of Milo GH¢4.50 GH¢5.50
Exeter Corned Beef (Small) GH¢2.00 GH¢4.00
Exeter Corned Beef (Big) GH¢4.00 GH¢6.00
Easy On Spray Starch GH¢3.00 GH¢3.50


The list is endless but I can’t remember most of the prices so I will leave it at that. The most annoying part is when these people try to sell a GH¢2 MTN recharge card for GH¢2.10. Can you imagine? Their hunger for profit has lead to all sorts of bizarre pricing methods. 

If this is for fixed measures, imagine what happens when the items being sold are perishables. Ha! Whatever you do, don’t try buying tomatoes, onion, unripe plantain or even charcoal from these people. Trust me on this one…..

What about you? Had any experiences such as this? Please Share..


  1. You do not think their act of bringing the commodity closer to your doorstep deserves a mark-up? Just asking :-)

  2. @ Nana Yaw: :-) Of course I do. I wouldn't expect to pay the same amount but, don't you think adding GH¢2 to the original price is too much?


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