Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pastors Who Spread Hatred.......

While venting out all my frustrations on the treadmill, I happened to see a news item on Sky News that talked about the plans of one Reverend Terry Jones to burn several hundred copies of the koran on the 9th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. And here I was thinking things couldn't get any scarier in the world.

"Has this man lost his mind?" was the first question I asked my Dad. Talk about spreading hatred instead of love. Seriously, has this man even considered the danger he is putting American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan into? Does the word FORGIVENESS not exist in his Bible?

Why add more fuel to a fire whose licking flames are looking innocent victims to prey on? We need to pray for an intervention before something worse happens.

And someone should take that ignorant not-thinking-straight imbecile to a shrink!


  1. yeah i agree that , that move was too drastic... in this time and age of islamic terrorism... the last thing christians need to do are actions that are JUST LIKE what the terrorists expect.

    Fervent prayer and standing up for Jesus is what is required. Not burning something that isnt going to help the situation at all!

  2. I think the guy is an absolute idiot. He has a congregation of 50 and thinks this stunt will help him draw more people to his church.

    Burning a quran is the worst mistake anyone could make. Imagine how us christians would react if someone burned a single bible. I wonder if this man stopped to think for even a minute before opening his mouth.

    Odd how I was going to post on this today and you beat me to the punch. Guess who's gonna be featured on me blogg instead? Provided I can find the link to put you up :)

  3. Someone should really ask the bloke: Is this a recent thing, or have you always been such a hypocritical idiot?" Seriously, this couldn't spell EPIC FAIL more even if it tried.

    9/11 has been lurking on my mind for a while now especially as we come closer to the day. But seriously, burning a Quran is only gonna get this guy in trouble. Considering today's Eid-ul-Fitr is only adding fuel to the flame.

    Boy, God sure knows how to pick 'em sometimes, don't he? First Judas Iscariot, and now this. :P

  4. Freedom of speech. Idiots have it too.
    People like him give religion & christianity a bad name.
    Can you imagine that there are people who actually go to this guy for guidance?



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