Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shattered Dreams.....

Gazing rapturously at my reflection in the mirror
I felt I would take a chance
And look him straight in the eye
As I express my feelings
With an ease beyond description

I unexpectedly drop by
To surprise him and declare
My everlasting love to him
And I how I envision us

So delighted I was to be there
That I stupidly failed to hear
The moans and cries of passion
Till I was at his door

Take it easy, Take it easy
Was all the gruff and panting voice
Of the one I thought I knew
Was saying to his partner in the act

At least I have my pride
So away I walked, quietly
But as I left
I prayed for sounds of thunder
To mask the the sound of my heart breaking.


  1. I sure hope that this is purely fiction :s

    I was all happy in the beginning and preparing for a fairy tale ending but it wasn't to be.

    Men! So he couldn't get what he wanted from her and found someone who would give it up? Bah! She's probably better off without him and hopefully will find someone more deserving to mend her shattered heart :)

    Good one, Enyo. I may be teary eyed from it, but that don't stop me from liking it lol

  2. Sorry Enyo but this one had me laughing.

  3. @ Oye: I know.....

    @ Daixy: Part fiction and part reality. Some men are just too foolish to see a good thing when it is right in front of them.

    Oh. and I'm glad you like it.

    @ Boatemaa: Lemme guess.... Take it easy, Take it easy......

  4. @ Enyo, hugs are coming your way. It's his loss. Hope you've moved onto a better, more deserving someone :)

    @ Boatemaa, I concur with Enyo about which part had you laughing. Reading it again, I couldn't help but do that myself :)


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