Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Love You….

I recall you asking the other day

That I tell you how I truly feel

So this is me, without inhibitions

Pouring out from the depths my soul

Feelings I’ve repressed for so long


Thus I list the things I wish for

Hoping you’ll see clearly

How you affect me.

I dream of your touch and warm embrace

To feel your kisses on both sides of my face

To be held in your arms as we cuddle all night

For then I know all things feel right


I wish to hear your voice

Every hour of the day

I miss your smile and the way your love felt

Every time you were around

Oh I wish I could see you soon

Just to feel that again


I can go on and on

But for  now I’m done

The words have been written

For I’m out  of courage to say them

But I hope you’ll finally know

How I truly feel.


I spoke my mind... Now it's your turn..


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