Monday, November 29, 2010


Don't you just hate it when guys who are so full of themselves act like they are actually doing you a favor by chatting you up?

So, I'm walking real briskly to the salon on a hot Saturday afternoon for a new do. The plan was to kill two birds with one stone - burn calories and get an afro hairdo by dusk. Not that I enjoyed the beads of perspiration dripping down my back as I took long strides towards my destination but I guess that's why they say 'No pain, no gain'.

That was when this young man, who was supposed to be walking with a friend just interrupted my pattern with a loud hello.. I turned and he said good afternoon. I replied politely, thinking that he needed directions or something. Then he just stands there and says "Come here" like I'm a 12 yr old. I looked at him with irritation and said I was in a hurry.

All I heard him say was, "I want to talk to you and you are bluffing.... many people just want to hear my voice"....

At that, yours truly turned and said " Sorry man, but you are no McSteamy". Then as I turned and strutted away pleased with myself. I said loudly "Wanna know what McSteamy means, go watch Grey's Anatomy!".

Lol.... Some guys eh...


  1. Interesting, Enyonam. I can just imagine the look on his face! hahhaha.

    Some guys, hah.

  2. It's nnoying. All I heard, when I went to GH was "Sister mepa wo ky3w bra", "Woy3 fine girl oh". The blood cheek. Oh Gh dudes..

  3. using ur term on somebody one of these days

    "Wanna know what McSteamy means, go watch Grey's Anatomy!".


  4. The nerve. Next time you should say "Boy, you cant handle me!" and walk off with your nose in the air. Hmmpff!

  5. I'm glad you gals are pleased.

    @ LD: Will definitely do that to the next victim...


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