Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Masturbation In the Troski?

I know some of you are wondering where this is coming from. keep reading and you'll find out soon.

Now, there have been conflicting thoughts and arguments on whether the act is good or bad. i'm not going to talk about that because that isn't the issue here. The problem arises when people bring their habits out in the open, and use others to satisfy their sexual needs. Can you believe that some crazy guy was so horny that he actually masturbated in the trotro? Wonders shall never end!

My sister and brother were coming home from town on an early Saturday morning when the "unique" incident occured. Apparently, the perpetrator of the act was sitting next to my sister whilst my brother sat on the seat in front of the guy.

My sister said all she felt was a hand brushing her left side and when she turned she noticed that the guy had crossed his hands and was masturbating with his right hand as he "brushed" my sister with his left. The poor girl was so scandalized that all she could do was stare at the guy in shock. The guy, who according to my sister was on the verge of "coming" started hitting the back of my brother's seat with his knees. My dear brother turned but the guy was so into what he was doing that he didn't even realise that he had an audience.

When he finally finished, he alighted at Legon bus stop (satisfied with his release, I'm sure). My sister stared after him with a horrified look on her face and an elderly man just breathed heavily and said... "Eye asem ooo".

Now, I've heard that these things happen on buses and trains in the US and UK... But Ghana?

How would you have reacted if you were in my sister's shoes? I'm eager to read your responses.


  1. Ewurade! Is that what Ghana has come to now? I think I would have raised the alarm and shamed him for the pervert that he is! My sympathies to your poor sister...

  2. Lol this happened quite often in India. People regularly complained loudly, slapped, and threw the filthy offenders off of whatever mode of transport they were on. Sometimes the Police caught them. Most times, the common mode of immediate punishment was a fat lady's backhander. :) people like that are sick. In their minds. They need to be stopped at once.

  3. Appalling! that is what is it!

    Sane people keep such stuff in their rooms.

    Tell your sister to try and not dwell on it.

    I wish i was in that trotro; I'd have called everyone's attention to it. Understandably, your sister was in shock.

    What a horrid experience!

  4. I used to know an Ethiopian man in Ghana. He used to sit on the back seat of the trotro and persuade women to show him their private parts while he would wank. And he was successful. Takes two to tango or was it coercion?

  5. Oh girl, that's just plain nasty of him.

    I'm not against masturbation (waits for fellow christians to quit throwing rocks at me) and I think everyone should do what they feel is right in their hearts. But, I also think that just as you keep sex with someone else private, people should keep their solo acts to themselves too.

    I don't think anything prepares you for sexual assault (that's what happened to your sister) so I can understand why she was so shocked and therefore unable to punch him in the nuts. I really wish she'd been able to sock him though. With no one confronting him, he'll keep jerking off in public. And to be honest, sexual assault always starts in tiny bits like this. today he's jerking off in trotros, tomorrow he'll be rubbing himself on the women and will eventually graduate to grabbing these women and in the two seconds it takes for anyone to overcome their shock, actually raping them. It's not that hard and people like that don't need that long to reach satisfaction.

    It's disgusting to think we have budding sexual predators in Ghana and they will go unchecked.

    I hope your sister is okay. Talking helps. Hopefully she'll put this behind her.

    God Bless


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