Sunday, January 17, 2010


Wow!!! Its good to be back. Never thought I would miss the virtual world this badly..... Hmmm......... Maybe I should start by wishing everybody a Happy New Year and hoping that the year is filled with Happiness, Success, Peace and Love...............Hmmmmm...

Talking about Love. I would be very glad if someone can answer these questions for me: Why do some guys chase a girl for months, get her to accept your proposal and then later start acting like the girl did all the chasing? Why can't some guys just be bold to tell a gal that he's just not that into her anymore, instead of giving unnecessary excuses and refusing to let go of her when she decides to split??

I leave you with one of my favorite Lauryn Hill tracks........ Enjoy.......


  1. Welcome back, hope you're time away was refreshing? I just saw your invitation today. Thanks for following my blog and hope you soon leave comments.

    To the boys you mentioned, those are the ones who see the chase as everything and once they get the girl, the spark is gone. I think one should just avoid them and if the signs come up, whether they refuse or not, you just leave them and find your way.

  2. @ Myne: Thanks for visiting and following my blog. It means a lot.. And I am definitely going to leave comments on yours..
    As for the boys,I think your advice is really cool.. Ignorance is the best weapon..

  3. a lot of guys are more interested in the chase than the girl, what can i say?

  4. @ doll: thanks for visiting my blog. As for being interested in the chase... isn't wanting to be with the girl the reason behind the chase?


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