Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Promise Rings: Are They Necessary?

So, I was listening to a track titled "Promise Ring" by Tiffany Evans and Ciara when this question popped into mind. What exactly do promise rings signify? Are they some kind of pre-engagement ring or what?

Back when i was in JSS and SSS, I would see my girl friends or mates wearing what they claimed to be promise rings.. I was fascinated by the whole concept at the time but, when my first boyfriend gave me one after two months of dating, I was so pissed..... How can you promise to marry me after two months?

Some may think I'm crazy but I'm just a realist.... These things only happen in movies.. And in my opinion, If a guy wants to make a promise to spend the rest of his life with a girl, he should get her an engagement ring straight away. That shows his level of seriousness....

I've said my piece... Now lemme know yours...


  1. Nope..I don''t think so. Promises are easily broken..but engagement rings..not so easily done, but hey I'm a kid what do i know? :-P

  2. Promise rings don't have to be about marriage. Girls can also give promise rings too. It promises whatever you want it to, fidelity, exclusivity, love, chastity, etc..

  3. @Myne: Yeah! Iknow about purity rings and the rest... I guess I was specifically talking about promise rings with respect to a guy-girl relationship...

  4. We had a promise ring discussion at work the other day. Apparently, since 'engagements' are more or less traditional marriage in our part of the world, promise rings are equivalent to western engagements of some sort. Personally, I think they are a waste of time...how come guys don't get the promise rings?

  5. I heard something similar to Abena about them being 'promises to marry' you...which means they are engagement rings to me. And Ghanaian's love to say engagement...which is actually a wedding! Where you get an engagement ring. How can you translate 'aware' and then call it an engagement?! THEN they have a white wedding, where you get a wedding ring.

    I personally think it's trying to mesh two cultures and getting the levels lined up wrong. Therefore 'promise rings' are pointless and a waste of money!

    That's my (annoyed) 2 pence!


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