Friday, January 29, 2010

The Facebook Status That Freaks Me Out: In An Open Relationship...


That was my first reaction when I visited my ex-boyfriend's (who i was dating at the time I checked) facebook page... What exactly did he mean by that?

I know some of you are thinking: he was probably messing around or having some fun.... But WTF was he thinking when he put that there, knowing that I would definitely see it? Or, wouldn't you freak out if you thought your relationship was a "closed" one, only to have someone tell you that they never knew you were into open relationships?

What's the point in having a relationship if its going to be an open one? Obviously, the individuals involved are in my opinion, selfish people who just want to benefit from others in whatever way possible.

I personally dont think there is anything great in a relationship if you both can agree to date everyone else. For crying out loud, does it mean you can have an open relationship with 30 people at once?

That just ain't healthy....

Or, what do you say? Lemme know...


  1. I'm not a fan of all those murky relationships. FWBs, FBs, open, complicated etc.

  2. As I read the title, the first thing which came to mind was..loads of people are welcome to join in wonderfully open relationship. Ah wel, better to jump from one woman to the next than have one as such..just my view.

  3. @Myne: I can understand that. It gets annoying sometimes.

    @ Nita: Wow!! Are you saying that you see nothing wrong with an open relationship? i find that difficult to comprehend...

  4. thing is Enyo..even if he claims to be in a relationship with you..they'll always cheat behind your back..see? So yeah..I reckon it's far as I'm not the victim.

  5. @ Nita: Lol!! I'm glad you put the clause "so far as I'm not the victim". That answers my question even though you won't admit it.. My dear, u won't condone such a relationship. But I love your opinion, its always good to have different thoughts on a particular issue..

  6. LOL@ Nita...

    But still i wont condone it


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