Friday, October 1, 2010

Intoxicating Love……

I can’t pretend that I’m not feeling
This strong passion, so consuming
One look at you is all its taking
To disrupt the rhythmic sound of my heart beating
It's dangerous but still,
I’m falling…

My friends keep warning me
A guy like you is toxic.
But all I long for is to be intoxicated
By the taste of your lips
As they land on mine….
I don’t need to imagine
That they’d taste like wine
From the sweetest vineyards of all time……

I can’t do this
Not anymore…..
Lines are one thing, actions another
I believe the saying is…
Less is more...
Be mine.. cus more is in store….


  1. ohhh sigh. Love is SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!aaaaaaargh!

  2. "Lines are one thing, actions another" is a potent line. I think it lies at the heart of this overpowering passion. You good for poetry.

    (In a whisper) please watch the syntax. It was competing for my attention with the meaning of this wonderful lyrical poem. E.g. Verse 1: Its dangerous should read "It's dangerous" because it's a contraction and not the possessive.

    Great work, my friend.

  3. @ The Lyrical Designer: I know....

    @ Oye: Thanks gal...

    @ Nana Yaw Asiedu: Thank you darling.... and (in a whisper) I've corrected my mistake and I promise... to read my posts thoroughly before posting. Mmuuahh...


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