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So, as a friend and I were chatting about the much awaited Shirley Frimpong Manso flick, A Sting in the Tale (showing in November), I couldn't help but praise and criticize the director at the same time. Why??? The answer is simple.

Her scripts get you interested in the plot and keep you in suspense; which is a good thing. But, I think she should find ways of incorporating little things that would truly reflect the origins of the movie. Don't get me wrong; I loved the way she used Amakye Dede's music in the Perfect Picture and even had characters speaking a bit of Akan. But I feel there should be more of Ghana in Ghanaian movies.

I mean..... lets take cues from Kwaw Ansah whose Heritage Africa blew the whole African Continent away.... Not to talk of Love Brewed in an African Pot which I still haven't been able to acquire for my personal collection..

Now..... Proceeding to the main issue of discussion. Do you remember when the early Ghanaian movies of the 20th Century which combined humor as well as creativity? I do, and its not because GBC was the only thing we had at the time and there was no room for choices.It was because it was a true reflection of realities that occur in our society.

So, as i asked my mom to list her top 10 films of the 1990s, I was shocked and disappointed to find that she could only remember The Stab in the dark which starred Edinam Atatsi and Pascaline Edwards..... What happened to the rest?

Thus, I decided to list my top ten Ghanaian movies of the nineties. Movies that captivated many audiences in many Ghanaian homes before the Nigerian movie industry infiltrated and dominated our markets.

Here we go.............................................

  1. Cracked Illusion (1996) : This movie gave me an idea of what happens in boarding schools. After all, people always claim to be what they aren't and even hurt those close to them in the process. 

  2. Dangerous Game: I have only two words for this movie and Victor Lutterodt's role. Papa Ninja

  3. Escape to Love: We all loved Kwame Sefa Kayi in this love story.

  4. A Stab In The Dark: We all agree that this movie shot Pascaline Edwards to straight to stardom.

  5. Loving You: I can't call Commando Schwarzznegger, so I call him Schwaabanana...ha!

  6. Who killed Nancy: I'm always thankful for Monegram and Western Union na, ya bre pein...

  7. Justice: Who wouldn't commit murder when after going to prison for David Dontoh, he jilts you and takes your friend as his bride in your stead. I loved the tragic ending.

  8. You Can't Laugh: Sha La, Sha la la. Eshe wo sisim.... MacJordan Amartey really did his thing then....

  9. The Police Officer: What do you do when your family house is robbed, your father killed, sister raped, and younger brother crippled? The answer is simple; you join the police force to take revenge on the culprits. Ah! how I miss Brew Riverson Junior.

  10. And lastly, Out of Sight, Out of Love: My advice to men is that if you can't satisfy your wife sexually, travel abroad and come back rejuvenated or better still, let David Dontoh satisfy her needs... just kidding....

Well folks, these are my top ten. Can you tell me yours? Feel free to paste comments for thats the only way I learn and get better at this blogging business.....

Peace out!


  1. I don't know if this is from the 90's but I remember

    When the Heart Decides (Sakina, oh Sakina my endless for you will remain....ah!)

    Baby Thief (I LOOOOOOOOOVE that movie!)

    The returnee (Ooshe gbeyie, ookwe noko, ona noko)

    A mother's revenge

    My Sweetie

    The noise of Silence
    (with Akorfa Edzeani Asiedu)

    Most movies with Edinam Atatsi

    Dark Sands

    that movie with the children, monica quarcopome and macjordan amartey, i forget the title.

    I loved the 90s movies. I think that the actorss were wonderful, and the scripts were plausible - I mean, they were representative of society at the time. Belief in witchcraft, love, whatever...the things they portrayed were realistic, the acting was realistic and WELL done!

    1. omgggggggggg oooshe gbeyei,ona noko......ur soo mean for mentioning that cos now i have the urge to watch it sooo bad and i cant find it anywhere looool

  2. @ Lady Jaye: You are unbelievable! I tried so hard to remember Dark Sands. Thank God you paid a visit to my blog!

    I agree with your view on movies of the 90s. They were realistic and representative of society. I just hope this cultural imperialism in the form of copying western movies doesn't completely erase our values as Ghanaians.

  3. .....Sekina ooo Sekina love for u will remain, my endless love for u willl never never die ooo o my, that movie was great @lady Jaye, the tile is matters of the heart not when the heart decides.

  4. i checked on youtube but cant find anywhere to watch or download those movies. can someone help me or show me where to get them in accra? they bring memories back. gone are the days

  5. Thanks for providing list of ghanaian movies..
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