Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why I Worry About The Pure Water I Buy...........

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Two days ago, as my friend and I were chatting about our days back in school, one thing that got us laughing was the term "After you". Thanks to the previously popular Opanyin di Panyin ( Water bagged in transparent plastic bags), this term travelled far and wide. It was everywhere, particularly in schools. Those who couldn't buy their own bags could at least get some from a friend once they shouted "after you" before someone else did.

That was before the Pure Water craze began in early 2000. Now its absolutely everywhere. On every street and, at bus stations you will find either someone with an ice box, or a child with a basket on their head, stuffed with chilled bags of what is claimed to be purified water.

I quickly stopped the Opanyin di Panyin since I sometimes suspected that the water wasn't boiled and filtered before being bagged for sale. Here I was, so sure that this new bagged water could do no harm. After all, they were branded with a name, had the address of the producers and, even listed the mineral composition of the water. Oh! How naive could I have been?

The scales however, fell of my eyes and i saw how sickly twisted the minds of some Ghanaians who, would do anything for money, could be. By the way who introduced that poor imitation of the taste derived from water stored in the smoked earthenware pot? Not only does the water taste bad but, its like you can literally taste the smoke.. Aaargghh!

Some people do treat the water. True. But I can bet on my last cedi that the ones doing so wouldn't even constitute one percent of the total population of pure water producers. Some even go to the extent of putting the logo of the Ghana Standards Board on their bags when in actual fact, that water hasn't been tested at the labs of the Board. Isn't this something we should all be worried about?

Our lives are being endangered by quacks who bag any kind of water without the required filtering and purifying equipment. Maybe some of you should take a trip down the street behind Opeibea House. I hear we have a pure water and plantain chips production "company" there. Eiii! Da benn na ebe ye yei?

It wouldn't come as a surprise if i find out that my previous diarrhoeal attacks didn't occur from the beef sauce I've been consuming but rather, the so called pure water.

My dear friends, I leave you with this piece of advice. If you don't want to wonder whether the water you are drinking was bagged in a bath tub or near a gutter, please choose these brands for, we at least know their origins and, they haven't disappointed me, yet...........

  1. Ice Cool

  2. Voltic

  3. Aquasplash

  4. Bon Aqua

  5. Grafton

  6. Dasani

  7. Mobile Water

If they are any good ones that I've left out please feel free to include them...........


  1. Hi Enyonam! Thanks for all your kind comments over at Holli's Ramblings! I'm now one of your followers :)

    Years ago when I lived in a compound in Osu, they 'boys' of the place had a 'pure water factory' (and I use the term pure very loosely!),they basically bought the bags and a sealing machine, poured tap water in big buckets and handled it with all their bare hands, and sieved it through foam shoulder pads!!! I'm not kidding. Ever since then I would NEVER buy those sketchy named pure water sachets.

    It's sad that there hasn't been a crackdown, since I'm sure this dubious water is responsible for much of the nations running tummys!!!

  2. fri ye su na yen jwin, purewater is purewater, whether manufactured on the streets or in a factory, we will drink it and die.

  3. @ the pale observer:Thanks for joining the club. Its really sad that there are dubious business people among us.

    @ Anonymous: Have you ever wondered why our country isn't developing at the desired rate. Its because of ignorant citizens such as yourself.I honestly pray that you change your nonchalant attitude for the better.


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