Sunday, October 18, 2009



Its amazing how babies behave. I came across this clip and thought "there's no way I'm leaving this site without sharing "

Seeing this clip made me realise how smart, funny and interesting babies could be. It also reminded me of my childhood; which my dad is always talking about. Apparently, I used to stand in my cot and take sips from his glass of beer when he wasn't looking, and then laugh hysterically as he playfully spanked my bottom. Hmm.... Great memory.

Anyway, I decided to talk about the funny things that I've seen babies do. Hope you enjoy.......

  1. They do the wrong things and try to extend their arms for a hug.
  2. They listen to music and dance perfectly to the beat.
  3. They pull at your bra when they see your breasts sre the same size as that of  mom's.
  4. They poo on themselves and put on this face which tells you they're uncomfortable.
  5. They pout their lips for kisses when they see women.
Do you know some of the funny things babies do? Please share............
Enjoy the day

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