Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am sure that u can relate to some of the things on my list.

Well, here it goes..........
  1. The touchpad mouse on laptops
  2. When I use my tigo to call an mtn or zain subscriber and the annoying lady says "the tigo number u have dialled cannot be reached at this moment"
  3. People who hawk and spit in front of others without even apologizing
  4. Computer viruses that come back even after your antivirus claims to have neutralised or deleted them.
  5. Power failures when you don't have your torchlight or candles nearby. And you end up hitting and bumping into things as you search for them.
  6. When hiplife artists use stupid phrases and senseless words so that their lyrics can rhyme.
  7. Troski mates who conveniently forget to give you change.
  8. Banking halls with so many empty teller booths.
  9. Ghanaian movies with characters named after foreign artists. Since when did we know that names such as Ciara, Rihaana and Beyonce even existed?
  10. When tv stations rudely interrupt programs or movies with ads
  11. TV ads which fail to show the benefits of a product's usage.
  12. Reckless troski drivers
  13. Spam
  14. When someone is about to tell you something then goes "never mind".
  15. People who take forever to respond to your instant messages on yahoo messenger and facebook.
  16. When you call the MTN hotline and follow the voice prompts only to have that annoying tone blaring into your eardrum before the call ends itself.
  17. Traffic caused by police officers who claim to be directing traffic.
  18. People who dont ensure that the toilet is clean after they have been there.
  19. People who talk loudly when they receive calls in the troski.
  20. Mechanics who take troskis in their dirty work clothes and end up making yours dirty before you even reach your destination.

Hmmm..... so many things piss me off. Maybe I would have to continue this list next time. Please do not hesitate to tell me the things that piss you off.

Hope you have a good day.


  1. 3.
    Wow!!! These are my all time fav. stuff that piss me off. finally someone agrees with "Moi"

    ooh and you should add this as 21. Ghanaian movies with scenes or the entire movie being copied from a foreign one.

  2. @ Bonti: Thanks for stopping by. Guess what? I honestly can't believe that I forgot that one. It does deserve the 21st spot on my list. will definitely continue this list. Watch out for part 2 of "things that piss me off"


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