Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zain; My Not-So-Wonderful World!!

It started as a wonderful world but these days my once favorite telecommunications provider is beginning to test my patience... Wanna know why?

Here it goes...

Last week, this internet loving blogger purchased GHC 30 worth of Zain credits to recharge and continue a rudely interrupted chat session with an old friend. And you can't imagine how many credit vending posts I had to visit just to buy six GHC 5 Zain cards; they all had one and two cedi cards...

So you can understand my utter annoyance when after several attempts to re-subscribe, the page just wouldn't come up.

"What the #%$^$^@ is going on?" I asked myself so loudly that my brother entered my room with a worried look only to laugh when he realised that it was because of the "Zain People".

I'm sure you're wondering why I didn't just pick up the phone and call customer service.. Then again, you might be aware that it takes forever to get a customer service person online...

Anyways, I finally called and had to hold on for 10 minutes before a lady spoke on the other end.. So after giving her my modem number and details of the subscription package i was interested in, the voice on the other end asked:

CSP: Is there anything else I can do for you to have a wonderful world?

Me: (Pause..... thinking.........ask) What is wrong with the subscription page? I tried several times to subscribe but couldn't.

CSP: We are not using that now so you have to call us anytime you need to re-subscribe...


I have to call 111 anytime I need to re-subscribe and follow all those voice prompts, hold on for 10-15 minutes before getting served?

Can someone find a way to explain how that is a wonderful world?


  1. hahahaha..... I had a similar experience with the then Ghana Telecom. I didnt get any serious response. I walked into the customer care office and thats when they took me seriously.

    By the way when is Glo Coming?

  2. @ Bonti: I'm sure you gave them a piece of your mind.
    I heard Glo will be coming in January.. Can't wait to see what they have to offer us...


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