Friday, December 11, 2009


I promised to continue this list from  where I left off in Things that get me pissed... Hopefully you will find more things to relate to:
Here we go again:

  1. DJs who keep talking when the song is playing.

  2. HP 3-in-1 printers; They take forever to respond to a print command.

  3. People who doze on your shoulder on the bus (Is my shoulder a pillow?)

  4. Salon attendants who tell you the wig you bought can't be used for the style of your choice just because they can't do the job.

  5. CDs that skip after playing them twice.

  6. The empty pay points at GAME and SHOPRITE; Remove the damn things if no one is gonna be there to serve customers.

  7. TV stations that repeat telenovelas shown by their competitors; Copycats!

  8. Dispensing chemists who glare accusingly at people who buy condoms ( why sell them then?)

  9. Squatters who decide to build pit latrines right opposite your home.

  10. People who feel they are too important to join queues and wait for their turn.

  11. People who call your phone and ask "who is speaking?". Ewurade!!

  12. Answering machines.

  13. People who waste time at ATMs especially when there ar long queues.

  14. Las Palmas Int. Restaurant/Chop Bar. I don't know why the owner has decided to always put up branches in crowded places, and their dustbins are always in front of the building. Oh! and their architect is just full of @$@^#.

  15. When people take your phone and change all the settings without telling you.

  16. Celebrities who feel its important to give dosages of LAFA (Locally Acquired Foreign Accent) on TV and radio and end up messing things up (Is it by force?).

 Please feel free to add things that piss you off to this list. After all, thats what we do; share our experiences..
 Have a great day y'all!!


I spoke my mind... Now it's your turn..


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