Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Dry Christmas?

It is common knowledge that Ghanaians love to spend money during the yuletide. Newly painted houses, sewing houses with lights still on after 8pm (in order to meet deadlines imposed by last minute clients), and the busy streets and shopping centres have been proof over the years.

So my question is : What the hell is going on this year? Have you noticed how the big shops in town never seem to have traffic? And its like most children may have to wear last year's clothes and shoes since the children's stores don't seem to be making sales.

You hardly hear the radio stations playing Christmas carols like the they did in the past years. And most employees have doubts about receiving any bonuses this year.

I guess "chao" people won't be "flexing" with lavish parties this year...

Hmm... I sincerely hope we all have a Merry and not a Dreary Christmas..

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  1. Although I just had home painted and the sewing machines next door just went off (it is 815pm), something is definitely amiss this year! Absolutely zero Christmas spirit in the Ghana air...heard South Africa is experiencin a similar slump.


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