Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Forbidden Desire....

It’s a cold harmattan night,

With no stars in sight

We lie in each other’s arms,

Content with life’s charms

I sigh with desire

As the scent of his perfume

Caresses my nostrils

My body shivers at his touch

As his hands find my sensual spots

His kisses create muscular spasms

My back arcs with yearning,

As natural forces propel me

My mind tells me no

But my body screams yes, yes and yes

Is this the right time? I ask

For I have known no man.

One part of me pleads yea, yea!

And the other screams, Hell No!

But then, I have more time to decide

For the rudely interrupting phone call,

Was my saviour in disguise.


  1. Saved by the bell i guess lol. Nice post, it had an easy flow.

  2. @ Lucci: U see ooo.. Thanx for the compliment girl. Means a lot...

  3. @ Myne: Thank you. Just learning from talented gals like you ooo.....


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