Thursday, December 17, 2009

Officially Stuck!!

With red-rimmed eyes, I awoke today

With you still on my mind

I've tried but just can't find a way

To leave the past behind

I still miss you

And how I used to tease you

I hug my pillow tight,

When there's no one in sight

I spy my phone

Hoping you'll make that call

Or show up at my door


But sadly, you never do

So why do I dream of you?

They say its pathetic,

I swear I'm fine!

So when I call another,

By your very name

I see my failure,

In this love battle

Baby, its official,

I'm stuck on you....


  1. Sheesh Enyo you're really talented ! :)

  2. @ Nita: Thanx girl.. But I gotta admit you are really good too.. Read some of ur stuff and felt what you were saying...


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