Monday, December 7, 2009

The Birthday "Senpay".......

I woke up this morning very upset due to a long night of total darkness and heat. After my usual morning exercise, I showered and had to wait for twenty minutes before getting a vehicle to work...

As I sat at my desk chewing my bread lazily and sipping my coffee, I thought about the work ahead and frowned at what the Electricity Company of Ghana had done to me; I would have done most of the work at home if my laptop's battery hadn't completely discharged due to hours of work when the power was out.

As I sat and worked in silence, one of my bosses came in and announced that today was his birthday.... Good news!! As the well wishes began, he asked one of the drivers to go round and take drink orders from the staff so that we could have a little drink party...

So, this driver goes round with his list and takes everyone's order, after which the list was brought to the boss. As the orders were reviewed, my boss comes across an incomprehensible word "Senpay". So he calls the driver and I happened to overhear their conversation......

Boss: What is this word?
Driver: Senpay
Boss: You mean Champagne?
Driver: Yes.....

My God! I just let go and burst into uncontrollable laughter as my colleagues looked at the driver with grins on their faces.... Trust the Ghanaian illiterate to spell a word the way he/she hears it being pronounced... Couldn't he have asked the person who made that request to spell the word for him?

What a day! After such a good laugh, there is no way the rest of my day can be boring.

So, I'm off to do some serious work...

Have a great day........


  1. lol!!! you knw i almost googled* 'Senpay" b4 i started reading. lol!! the did you ever hear the song "Won tumi spell, m3n tsuro" dont remember who song it though. you peeps must be having fun @ work..

    But i feel sad for the driver.

  2. @Bonti: Lol!! I wonder if you would have gotten any results if you had googled the word..
    I do remember that track... Tis been a while since i felt activity on your blog... Please post something soon cus i love reading your posts.. :-)

  3. Thanx. i am working on something hope it comes out gud.

  4. heheheheheeh.... very funny. hope your day was really lovely.


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